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monstroid2 vs divi vs avada

The Battle of The Best: Monstroid vs Divi vs Avada

Modern best templates are so universal they let you power a website of literally any kind. However, it’s hard to find your very best theme among the epic ones. They…

GDPR Compliant WordPress themes

GDPR Compliant WordPress Themes

Even if you aren’t too familiar with the rules and legality of the online world you still may have heard of GDPR in Spring 2018 and what it means for…


Monstroid 2 – Modular Constructor, New Trend in Web Design

The bestselling Monstroid2 template has accumulated 7K sales since its release in January 2017. However, modern web design does not stand still. Some of the things that were hot back…

Cheap WordPress Themes

25 Cheap WordPress themes

Everyone loves a deal and getting the most bang for their buck. No matter what you are in the market it is always more satisfying to get what you are…

WordPress themes for writers

25 WordPress Themes for Writers

Calling all writers, authors, bloggers, or anyone that just loves to express their creativity through the art of words, you may want to read the following article. Having a creative…

Genesis child themes

25 Genesis Child Themes

You have probably heard about WordPress and its various themes that can allow you to make the website of your dreams. A benefit of many WordPress themes is that they…


Giveaway: Unlimited Access To MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins Up For Grabs

Regardless of how many market experts talk about the importance of SEO and backlinks, achieving first page rankings are next to impossible unless your site is visually appealing and loads…

WordPress movie themes

20 WordPress Movie Themes

Movies are a part of our culture all over the world. It lets us get a better look into other lands and cultures in our vast world. We can learn…

Wordpress Plugin Collections

WordPress font plugins

12 WordPress Font Plugins

So you have your WordPress website up and running. Figured out all the details of which theme to use and what you want your site to look like and the…

WordPress Translation Plugins

13 WordPress Translation Plugins

The internet is global and by being global it is being used by people from all walks of life, cultures, religions, and of course different languages. And when you first…

WordPress security plugins

25 WordPress Security Plugins

Whether you are are super into technology or not, everyone that uses the internet knows how important it is to use secure sites and other preventative measure such as security…

WordPress SSL Plugins

10 WordPress SSL Plugins

In today’s overly tech heavy and tech reliant world we have heard of endless horror stories of people getting their information stolen and stolen identities, credit cards, bank account numbers,…

WordPress Redirect Plugins

13 WordPress Redirect Plugins

If you are here and reading this article then you probably have your own website that you have created using a WordPress theme. And if you have had your site…

WordPress page builders

13 WordPress Page Builders

So you are looking to build your own website from scratch all by yourself? That’s great! But it can also feel overwhelming and like a lot to take on on…

WordPress AntiSpam plugins

13 WordPress AntiSpam Plugins

Whenever you own something you want to make sure that it is fully protected. You get  an insurance policy for your car, medical insurance for your health, an alarm system…

WordPress landing pages plugins

15 WordPress Landing Page Plugins

If you have a website of any kind you probably know what a landing page is and its extreme importance to a website and its growth. Landing pages are a…

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How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

One of the biggest headaches for a WordPress developer or WordPress webmaster is trying to access a WordPress website and seeing the “Error establishing a Database Connection” error. The annoyance…


Integrate Whatsapp Click to Chat on WordPress

It’s becoming very important for companies to add other features rather than the same contact form we’ve seen on literally every site we’ve ever been on. Companies want their users…

2 Ways to Reset Your WordPress Password

This shouldn’t happen to you very much (or at all), but sometimes we forget to write our password down / get hacked / change our password and forget it, etc….

cf7 redirects

Contact Form 7 Thank You Page Redirects

If you are a regular WordPress user / developer you must be (very) familiar with the Contact Form 7 plugin. One of the most known attributes of contact forms in…

disable copying text

Prevent People from Copying Your Text

Let me start out by saying that there is no 100% way to prevent people from copying text from your site. Though there are 2 ways that make it just…

blogger to wordpress

Transfer Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is a great blogging tool created by Google that makes the task of blogging really easy. With that said, using Blogger has a few downsides just like any other…

all about wordpress

Learn WordPress From the Ground Up with our WordPress Tutorials

Just like on many other WordPress educational blogs, we have many WordPress tutorials on our site (among other things) but for a WordPress beginner that can be very intimidating since…

migrate wordpress

Move WordPress Website to a New Host With No Downtime

WordPress can be very easy to use even for non savvy users. Most hosts have 1 click installs and the CMS itself makes it very easy for non developers to…

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