Open Source

What is Open Source?

Last modified: July 12, 2020


Open source is software that is freely available to all users and can be modified/edited to the user’s specifications. WordPress is an example of Open Source software.

What Are The Benefits Of Open Source Software?

Open Source software has many benefits. For one, it allows for the basic programming of a product (i.e. a website) to be ready for the user while also being available to be changed for specific needs. This makes it more suitable for the needs of numerous people, not just those who have created the programming.

It does also allow for large industries to be formed from the open source. For example, there are numerous businesses that owe their existence to WordPress. These businesses offer development of themes, plugins and more to help their customers create a better website for their brand.

Is Open Source Software Free To Use?

Open source software is free to use for everyone. However, additions and customization of the open source software might be more costly. This is because you might need to hire a developer or a skilled person to make the changes. However, you would never, technically, need to pay the company that developed the open source software.

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Is Open Source?

There is a significant difference between and The .com version is a commercial entity and their software, while similar in nature, is not open source. The company that hosts the websites owns the software and is the only one that can authorize changes to the site.

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