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What is CSS?

Last modified: July 12, 2020

Cascading Style Sheets, otherwise known as CSS, is a language that is used to describe how a document should appear when it is written in HTML or XML. The CSS can tell how elements that are written in these coding languages should be rendered, whether their output is on screen, on paper, spoken or in any other media.

Why Is CSS So Important?

CSS is an important language because it is one of the core languages used on the open Web. It is standardized across all web browsers to W3C specifications.

CSS has developed over time. CSS1 is now obsolete and there are nowadays CSS2.1 and CSS3. The small changes within these languages help the developer to code sites through standardized practices.

What Can CSS Change On Your WordPress Website?

CSS can change a lot on your WordPress website. It can ensure that all the text on your site is a certain size, color or in a particular font. Or, it can change the background color, menu color of your website. It has the potential to do a lot.

Custom CSS can be added to your site often through the ‘Theme Customization’ options on your WordPress website. There might also be other areas within your WordPress site that will offer you this chance. For instance, some plugins will offer Custom CSS when there could be significant variance in how the website owner might want to deploy the asset.

You can learn more about adding Style and Script files to your WordPress here.

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