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What is the Editor?

Last modified: July 12, 2020

There are several different user permissions that can be given to users on your WordPress website. User roles restrict access to certain areas of the backend dashboard or prevent the person from completing certain tasks on your website. One of the key user roles that are available on WordPress is editor.

What Is An Editor

An editor is the second highest user role, with a lot of functionality available to them. Only the Administrator of the website has more control over the website. The editor has full control over the content of the website. They can add, edit, publish or remove any post, page or comment on the WordPress website.

They can do this for their own content or for content written by authors, administrators or contributors.

What Can’t An Editor Do?

An editor cannot change any of the site’s settings. Nor do they have access to plugins and themes. They are also limited in adding new users or changing the roles of other users.

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