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Last modified: September 4, 2018

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WordPress themes for authors aim to help make a positive connection between the writer and their readers. These differ from e-commerce and blog sites. The best themes help to engage readers with new and upcoming literature, and are geared towards encouraging sales.

WordPress Themes for Authors: Connect to your Audience

Authors have a unique role that allows for a connection to their audience. Through the written word, authors share a part of themselves. In turn, they often receive feedback from fans that reinforces their valued role. An author needs to adopt a site with a theme that encourages interaction. WordPress has many options that can help authors accomplish this task. It is important for authors to make use of the self-hosting platform so they have control over the type of style that is portrayed.


The libretto Wordpress theme is one of the free options for WordPress. It utilizes the familiar one-column design that WordPress sites started out with.

The beauty of this theme is timeless. The column looks like a page taken out of a classic novel from long ago.

For authors that love a traditional look, this page is for you. You still have widgets, social media links, and image options, all with an elegant typography.

The layout works best with large images, but smaller ones can be supported if desired. Social media links are conveniently located in a separate task bar at the bottom of the page. Step back in time and present your work formerly, like the scribes of the past, with Libretto.

Final Thoughts

Authors make a living by selling their ideas. They need to bring something to the table that people can relate to. A WordPress theme that allows for innovative design, social media links, and long form content can go a long way towards attracting the desired audience. For authors that sell work from their website, it is helpful to have a site that supports WooCommerce. This gives you e-commerce capability from your WordPress site. This allows your guests the opportunity to immediately purchase books while checking out your latest post or preview. The right site can help authors improve the connection to their audience, as well as their revenue.
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