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10 Best AMP Ready WordPress Themes Compared - 2021

Last modified: July 19, 2021


Today, there is nothing more important that the experience of the website’s visitors. If they aren’t happy, then you aren’t going to get a good reputation, generate revenue or rank highly on search engines because your web statistics will be poor. One of the ways that the experience can be improved is through speed, especially when it comes to mobile usage and this is where AMP ready WordPress themes can help.

What Are AMP Ready WordPress Themes And How Can They Help?

In October 2015, Google launched an open-sourced initiative that focused on improving the performance of websites’ mobile performance. The internet is becoming more mobile every day with more time spent surfing the internet on a mobile device and more purchases being made via mobile devices every day.

The AMP Project provides special tweaks to the HTML code of your website. Therefore, your website is more lightweight when it comes to delivering webpages for your mobile users. This makes the speed at which pages are downloaded into the mobile browser much faster.

As the AMP Project is the brainchild of Google, you are guaranteed that any site that uses the AMP software is going to to see an increase in the mobile-friendly test. Of course, to help you out, there are AMP Ready WordPress themes. These themes already include the software necessary for you to have a faster mobile site.

What Are The Benefits Of AMP Ready WordPress Themes

Those that are AMP ready WordPress themes are going to offer you a much better chance to rank well on Google and other search engines. This will result in much more traffic to your website. The top results of the search engine results have disproportionately more traffic than those lower down in search results. You can also improve the click-through rate on search engines by using rich snippets.

You’re also going to see a significant improvement in user statistics on your website. Those with slow load times are often abandoned quickly. For every second it takes for your website to load, you are losing about 7% of your revenue. Therefore, AMP programming in your website can help you improve revenues straight away.

So, if you want more traffic or better conversions on your website, look at these AMP ready WordPress themes. Here are some of the best themes that are available to you.

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Pure And Simple

Pure And Simple

Pure and Simple is a great responsive theme that is built for the serious blogger. It is packed with a lot of features while it maintains its original concept of being clean and simple in design. Its almost minimalist look, is aesthetically pleasing and will allow you to draw attention to the content you want them to look at.

Using the theme you get features like multiple styles for blogs, pages and posts plus you can use any colour you want. You can also combine this theme with Jetpack, to take advantage of all the features that the plugin has to offer.

Pure And Simple Highlights:

  • Lightweight, almost minimalist theme, that will load quickly on any device with the AMP software.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that will impress guests to your website.
  • Perfect for the blogger with various blog styles to choose from.
  • A free theme, so perfect for those who are on a tight budget.

Page Speed & SEO

Page Speed & SEO

Page Speed & SEO is a superfast, fully responsive theme which is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget. It is a free theme, that can be downloaded on The clean design is great for those looking for a beautiful look website that will rank well on search engines.

The theme developers state that the aesthetically pleasing design will help to lower bounce rates, improve conversions and increase user time on your website.

Page Speed & SEO Highlights:

  • A fast loading WordPress theme.
  • Great for those on a tight budget.
  • Aesthetically pleasing so will impress guests with the look.
  • Fully responsive, so will look great on any device.

Final Word: The Top 10 AMP Ready WordPress Themes

When you want great results for your website, you should consider finding a theme that is AMP ready. Any of the ten AMP ready WordPress themes we’ve mentioned on this site will be great for getting the performance of your site perfect for mobile users. This will improve user experiences and the ROI of your website. Which theme will your choose?

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