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Compared to some other hosting companies, Kinsta was actually founded not too long ago. In 2013 this company was born with the goal of creating the best WordPress hosting platform on planet earth. The people that created Kinsta, and the creators of this goal, were WordPress developers that came to the realization that reliable WP hosting that was built on the most up to date technology with a focus on: speed, security and stability was not a norm in the industry and they wanted to change that. Since then Kinsta has been trail blazing the industry and making a huge name for itself in just five short years.

The people behind the company have stayed true to their goals and beliefs which has led them to attract clients of a similar mind set who are interested in using a better hosting solution. So if you are looking to use one of the fastest WordPress web hosts and are also interested in having someone else do the work of ensuring your site is safe and secure then look no further, because Kinsta can do it all. Kinsta makes sure that the technology they provide their clients with is all cutting edge. They are at the forefront of technological changes so that your hosting site can always be at the top of its game. The members of the Kinsta team have worked with WordPress for over ten years so you know that when you call and need support you are getting the best of the best.

Wordpress Rating

WordPress hosting, as you may already know, is to be used for WordPress websites. WordPress hosting will allow of the technical parts of running WP to be taken care of by the host, such as: security, backup, updates, speed, etc. Kinsta offers so many different WordPress hosting plans we honestly can not discuss them all but they all have some overlapping features that everyone will get no matter which plan they choose. Some of these features are: daily monitoring and security precautions, secure network, etc. In addition every plan will come with at least one free white glove site migration in order to move your site if you need.

There are also optional add-ons that you can choose to purchase that can work with any plan you choose. There is: CloudFare RailGun, “ensures the connection between you origin server and CloudFare network is as fast as possible”, Redis “open-source in memory data structure store”, Nginx reverse proxy “support to load WordPress from a subdirectory while a separate website loads at the root domain”, and more.

Kinsta does have a visit cap for each plan, but do not worry, your site won’t stop running once you hit that mark. If you have an overage of visits to your site you will be charged an overage fee once you have passed a certain amount of visits. And if you go over your limit of CDN you will be charged a fee for each additional GB.

Kinsta Wordpress Hosting Features

  • PHP support
  • White labeled cache plugin
  • Google cloud platform
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Staging areas

Kinsta Wordpress Hosting Highlights

Risk free
Try it off for 30 days
Free SSL certificate
To ensure your users your site is safe
Other Features

Kinsta Wordpress Hosting Prices

Business 1

So if you have a WordPress site and are interested in hosting, WordPress hosting from Kinsta is definitely the way to go. Each plan is jam packed with features and tools to make your site amazing and have it running smoothly. Of course, the bigger your plan the more features you will have so depending on what you are looking to do with your hosting site, or if you are just starting out and testing the waters will depend on which plan you should choose. Either way you can of course always upgrade should, in the future, you realize you need more from your plan’s features.

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Cloud Rating

Cloud hosting is kind of different from many other traditional hosting methods. With Cloud hosting your resources are not tied to one server, they are spread over several servers which can actually be a benefit to your site. The cloud hosting option with Kinsta has several different plans to choose from so you can find one that is just the right fit for you. All of them come with a few core, overlapping features such as: Google cloud platform, at least one free white glove migration (some plans allow several) if you need to move your site, automatic daily updates, manual backup points, and more.

Cloud hosting with Kinsta was built for speed. It has many different tools such as: PHP 8, Nginx, LXD containers, and MariaDB on Google Cloud Platform so you can have incredibly fast speeds. There are also many different add ons available for you to purchase if you would like to incorporate them with your site. Some of these addons are: Cloudfair Railgun, Elasticsearch, Redis, Extra backups, and more.

With Cloud hosting it is also ok if you go over your plan’s visit cap. What will happen is that your site will keep running but you will be charged a fee after a specific number of visits. This also applies to your CDN. Once you reach your limit of CDN, you will be charged for each extra GB. Of course, the bigger the plan you have the less you need to worry about going over but you have to figure out exactly how much of these features you need.

Kinsta Cloud Hosting Features

  • SSH & WP-CLI included
  • White labeled cache plugin& Edge Cache
  • Git & SSH
  • User-friendly MyKinsta dashboard with unlimited user access
  • DNS powered by Amazon Route 53
  • Free SSL with wildcard domain
  • CDN with 260+ PoPs & 35 data centers
  • Staging environments
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Tools like: Kinsta APM, Kinsta API
  • 24/7 expert support

Kinsta Cloud Hosting Highlights

Money back
30 day money back guarantee
PHP support
For super fast speed
Other Features

Kinsta Cloud Hosting Prices

Business 1

Since there are so many different cloud hosting plans to choose from with Kinsta there is something for everyone. So if you have a smaller site you will probably want the smaller plan because you probably do not need as many features as a bigger company who would benefit greatly from a larger plan. Many of them come with the same features it just comes down to how much of each feature to you need. Do you need 500 GB of CDN or do you think 50 is enough? Or do you think your site will get 600,000 monthly visits or do you think it will probably get around 100,000? These are the questions to ask yourself before choosing a plan. So just look them over and see which one will give you the best bang for your buck for your hosting site.

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