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Way back just before the turn of the century in 2001, InMotion was created by two men, Sunil Saxena and Tedd Robinson. Over the last nearly twenty years this company has grown and made a name for itself in the web hosting industry. It is currently one of the largest independent owned hosting companies on the planet and has more than three hundred employees. InMotion is one of the few large web hosting companies that is not owned by Endurance International (which is a holding corporation for several popular hosting brands). InMotion has grown and made it on their own to be one of the best hosting choices to use for your website.

InMotion has paved its own way in the industry and set itself apart from the competition by gaining hundreds of thousands of customers and being known for helping small to midsize businesses grow their businesses in the world wide web. Staying true to their core values has given this company the drive to make sure that their customers have the best experience. Their commitment to their customers as well as their commitment to technical innovation, really makes InMotion a standout choice among hosting companies. Currently, they have three different offices throughout the United States, one in Los Angeles, another in Virginia Beach and another in Denver.

Shared Rating

Shared hosting is a great choice for anyone who is working on their first website. This is because shared hosting is usually a less expensive hosting choice as your site will share the resources of one server with other websites.

With InMotion you will have the option of three different Linux-based plans to choose from for Shared hosting. With the most basic plan you will get two websites, with the medium sized plan you will get six sites and the biggest plan will give you unlimited websites, but they all have the same core features such as unlimited email.
A great element of the shared hosting plans is that they all have protection from malware and viruses to ensure your site is always safe. Shared hosting with InMotion is a great hosting choice for: static websites, data-base driven content management systems, and custom applications. You can also get WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop installed for you when you pay for shared hosting. And best of all a free domain name is included (a $15.99 value) when you sign up for shared hosting.

InMotion Shared Hosting Features

  • Free domain name included
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSH Access
  • Free data backups
  • Spam safe email with IMAP

InMotion Shared Hosting Highlights

Free SSL
Extra security
Money Back
90 money back guarantee
PHP 7 supported
So you can have up to 3X faster load times
Other Features

InMotion Shared Hosting Prices


So if you are looking for a hosting plan to get you started that will be nice to your wallet, then shared hosting is definitely the way to go. While it is less expensive than other types of hosting, you still get plenty of excellent and useful features, especially if you are just starting out. And of course if you are brand new to this, remember that there is a 90 day money back guarantee if you realize that shared hosting isn’t for you.

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VPS Rating

The VPS (virtual private server) hosting choice from InMotion is a great hosting option if you are looking to have a powerful hosting site to provide your clients with. With this type of hosting you will have “ultimate power and performance for you and your clients”. VPS with InMotion will: increase your speed, uptime and security thanks to the company’s Linux SSD VPs Hosting Servers.
Each of the three different VPS hosting plans have some overlapping features that are extremely helpful such as: unlimited email, unlimited domains, and resource monitoring dashboard. The super fast VPS also includes cloud powered infrastructure as well as cloud powered redundancy. There is also cloud powered redundancy so you will have almost no downtime. In addition, there are scheduled snapshots which are automatic server backups so your content is always saved in case of an accident.

InMotion VPS Hosting Features

  • Root access allowed
  • Free server management
  • Automatic server backups
  • Real time redundancy
  • Flexible software options

InMotion VPS Hosting Highlights

Free SSLs
Extra security for free
Money Back
90 day money back guarantee
Free cPanel and WHM
Industry leading control panel
Other Features

InMotion VPS Hosting Prices


If powerful hosting is what you need then VPS is the hosting choice for you. And if you want this type of hosting you don’t have to worry about it breaking the bank because you do have three different plans to choose from to decide which is the best one for you. One last great feature of VPS hosting is that it is eCommerce optimized so you will even be able to start your very own online store. There are just so many great elements you will get with VPS that you definitely get your money’s worth.

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WordPress Rating

The WordPress hosting choice with InMotion also has Linux based servers that are, of course, WordPress optimized. InMotion’s  “managed platform for WordPress is fine tuned to deliver superior performance, security and provide best in class hosting”. This hosting option has many different plans for you to choose from so no matter what your budget or your needs are, you are sure to find something that is the right fit for you.

Each plan comes loaded with features and they each will provide you with unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. Each plan option also comes with free advertising credits which can be very useful for your hosting site.

A great benefit of choosing the WP-2000s plan (or one that is even higher) is that you will get tons of tools to help jump start your WordPress website such as: drag and drop page builder plugin, scheduled backups, easy search engine optimization plugin, staging site plugin, and more.

InMotion WordPress Hosting Features

  • Free SSD storage
  • Web application firewalls
  • CDN
  • Managed updates
  • 90 day money back guarantee


InMotion WordPress Hosting Highlights

Managed security
Hack/Malware protection
Free domain
For new or an existing transfer
Drag and drop WP page builder
Other Features

InMotion WordPress Hosting Prices


There are so many different plans to choose from for WordPress hosting we can’t even mention them all in this post. But if you are looking for a WordPress hosting plan to manage your WordPress site you will certainly find a plan that will fit what you are looking for. InMotion created their WordPress hosting platform to make it easier for you to manage your WP site and have it perform faster and more reliably as well. There is free website migration available as well so it will not be a problem to transfer your site to WordPress hosting with InMotion.

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Reseller Rating

Reseller hosting gives you the ability to start your own web hosting business. Reseller hosting works by you renting server space and then reselling it to your customers. This will actually make your life a lot easier because you won’t need to be dealing with managing servers and other infrastructure.

InMotion has various white label ready Reseller plans that are customizable so you can have one that fits what you want. Every Reseller hosting plan available comes with some very important core tools such as: free billing software, free auto installer, free SSD drives and much more.

InMotion also has the option to upgrade to a Reseller VPS plan so you can have even more power and better reliability and performance. These plans also come with some extra features including: eCommerce optimized, Live state snapshots, root access allowed, free server management, etc.

InMotion Reseller Hosting Features

  • Free cPanel and WHM
  • Free billing software
  • Live state snapshots
  • Root access allowed
  • Free server management

InMotion Reseller Hosting Highlights

Money back
90 day money back guarantee
Customer support
Multi-layer defense
DDoS and Malware protection
Other Features

InMotion Reseller Hosting Prices


There are so many different hosting plan choices for Reseller hosting we can’t even mention them all here. If this type of hosting is of interest to you, then do not worry, you will be able to find a plan that fits both your needs and your budget. However, even if you do not choose one of the fancier plans, you will still get many essential features such as: various security tools, management and programming languages. So no matter which option you decide to go with, InMotion will always provide you with important core elements to make your reseller hosting site a success.

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