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Hostwinds was founded not so long ago in 2010 by Peter Holden. Back then, Mr. Holden was just twenty years old and had had a frustrating web host experience and wanted to provide a hosting option for people that offered: good prices, responsive support and powerful infrastructure, instead of someone having to choose to have just one of the three. He then decided to create Hostwinds to accomplish this goal and nearly ten years later the company is still going strong and Holden is living out what he set out to accomplish. When the company first opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma it was known for being fast and affordable and it is still known for that now.

They offer a wide variety of different hosting types and plans such as: Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, Reseller, and more. By providing all of these different options and different price plans for each one, this company allows not just big corporations to have the opportunity to use them, but small mom and pop type businesses as well.  Hostwinds prides itself on putting its customer first and providing them with a great product as well as great support. In fact, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in addition to a 60 day money back guarantee should you decide Hostingwinds isn’t for you. The company has been continuously growing and now has an additional office in Seattle as well.

Dedicated Rating

The option of using Dedicated hosting will put your website on its own server which will provide your site with many resources to support heavy traffic volumes. There are several different Dedicated hosting plans available so if you are interested in this option there will be a plan that works for you. You will be able to pick a plan based on how much RAM you need and how many IP addresses you want, etc. There are even 7 different options for how much outbound bandwidth you want ranging from 10TB to unmetered (inbound is free).

A fantastic benefit of this hosting option through Hostwinds is that there is a 99.999% uptime guarantee so your site will constantly be running smoothly to greet your website visitors. Hostwinds also only uses high quality networking so you can rely on Hostwinds for a seriously fast performance. Hostwinds’ priorities for their customers are: stable technology, strong storage methods, and impeccable infrastructure.

Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Features

  • Serving multiple locations
  • 1 GBPS ports
  • Redundant network


Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Highlights

System monitoring
Full management
Hostwinds handles the efforts of website management
Other Features

Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Prices

E3-1270 v2
E3-1230 v2
E3-1240 v2

If you are looking for a powerful and feature packed hosting choice then dedicated hosting is certainly a good option for you. We have listed a few different plans available but there are many more just for this specific type of hosting.

No matter which plan you choose, all of them come with very important and helpful features and benefits such as: nightly backups are available, constant monitoring of your system, redundant network and so much more. So if you need powerhouse hosting then dedicated hosting is definitely the right fit for you. Hostwinds provides the lowest prices possible because they want your website to succeed as much as you do.

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Cloud Rating

Cloud hosting through Hostwinds is very different from regular web hosting because it spreads RAM, CPU and other resources over several servers, which means your site isn’t connected to just one single server, which would be beneficial. It is super easy to get yourself started with cloud hosting through Hostwinds. First, you will create a cloud server (which you should be able to do in under 30 seconds), then will either: select an operating system or a pre built application or create your own template. Once you have done this, the last step is just to choose a location and get started, you can choose as many locations as you would like or just pick one. You can launch your sever in whichever geographical spot works best for you.

There are several different plans that can be charged as either hourly or monthly billing that start at just $4.99 per month. With your plan will come some basic but very important tools. You will get features such as: backups and snapshots in case there is an accident, instant resizing of cloud servers, custom templates, and more. A nice perk of the Cloud hosting choice is that it has automatic SSH key deployment. This will give you an extra boost of security because Hostwinds provides encrypted measures for server locations.

Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Features

  • Hourly or monthly billing option
  • Backups and snapshots available
  • 1 GBPS port per cloud server
  • SSD and HDD drives available
  • Full management available

Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Highlights

Object Storage
Store/manage huge amounts of data
Enterprise grade firewall
The best protection for your cloud server
Automatic SSH key deployment
For extra security
Other Features

Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Prices


All of the cloud hosting options come with fantastic tools and features. What makes each plan different from one another are things like: how much RAM you need, GB disk space you need, etc.

So if you are a smaller business the small plan could be for you or if you are big company you may want a bigger plan (there is even an X-large plan size if you are interested). Everyone will get certain features such as: custom templates, instant resizing of cloud servers, and more. So you are sure to find a plan that is the right size for your company.

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VPS Rating

The VPS hosting option with Hostwinds is a powerhouse. Enterprise VPS hosting will provide you with “unrivaled support and state of the art hardware” so you can have an amazing hosting site. With VPS hosting your site will still share servers but there are much fewer sites taking your site’s resources. No matter which one of the many different plans you choose, every single one will provide you with some basic and essential features such as nightly backups, so if something happens your info will not be lost.  And there is also a 99.999% uptime guarantee so your site is sure to be running smoothly all the time to be ready for any of your users no matter what time of day they need your services.

A great feature is that there is an extensive cloud control panel that will allow to manage your Linux server from anywhere. And since Hostwinds uses Enterprise Hardware, your server management will be streamlined with the most advanced technology that is reliable from top to bottom. Each plan also gives you instant scalability. This is a huge benefit because you can add to your VPS or downgrade it at any time so if you need less RAM or more CPU, whatever it is, you can adjust it in seconds.

Hostwinds VPS Hosting Features

  • Various operating systems are supported
  • Nightly backups
  • Redundant network


Hostwinds VPS Hosting Highlights

Tech support
Full management
All of the tech details are managed for you
Instant Setup
Quick and easy to get your hosting site going
Other Features

Hostwinds VPS Hosting Prices


So if you are looking for a VPS hosting option that gives you a lot of features and flexibility no matter which plan you choose you should probably go with a VPS hosting option with Hostwinds. Depending on how big or small your company is will depend on which plan you choose like how much RAM you think you’ll need, or disk space, or bandwidth, etc.

There are even more plans than we have listed so if you think you will need even more than what you see in this post, VPS hosting with Hostwinds probably will have a plan option for you.

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Reseller Rating

And lastly we have the Reseller hosting option from Hostwinds. Reseller hosting will allow you to start your own web hosting business. How it works is that you will rent server space and then resell it to your customers. This means less hassle for you because you won’t have to deal with the aggravation of managing servers and other various infrastructure.

There are many incredibly beneficial features that will come with every plan available. As you may have noticed in some of the other hosting plans there is a 99.999% uptime guarantee and you will be happy to know that goes for Reseller hosting as well.

An incredibly useful feature is that this hosting option will get you free website transfers. The Hostwinds team will do the work for you and make sure that your site is working as it should on your new server should you decide to transfer your current site.

Hostwinds Reseller Hosting Features

  • Latest Cpanel
  • Softaculous auto installer
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts

Hostwinds Reseller Hosting Highlights

Complete CPanel access
Create accounts for your clients
Instant setup
No fuss to get started
Tech Support
Other Features

Hostwinds Reseller Hosting Prices


All of the Reseller hosting plans can offer you a lot. They will  each provide you with unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited disk space. In addition, each plan also has a free SSL certificate with it for extra security and protection for your site. So if you are looking for a hosting option that is a little more low maintenance than some of our other choices then I would highly consider Reseller hosting with Hostwinds.

Some competitors do have very similar reseller hosting features and plans but Hostwinds has stacked specs in several sever categories which gives it that extra edge over the competition.

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