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Dreamhost is one of the oldest hosting websites in existence. It was founded in the 1990’s by a few undergrads at Harvey Mudd College of Claremont , California, making it about two decades old. These under grad students were: Josh Jones, Dallas Bethune, and Michael Rodriguez. With that being said, there is a reason why they are still in business after all of these years. Dreamhost hosts over 1.5 million websites for their more than 400,000 members. They are also only one of four web host sites that WordPress actually endorses, so if you are starting a small website, Dreamhost should be in you top picks for choosing a hosting site.

Dreamhost is also pretty diverse so it can also be an interesting option for developers. This is one of the most well renown hosting sites. It offers a 100% uptime guarantee, which is incredibly unusual. Their plans also come with a two week trial so you can test it out without needing to make a commitment. And, it get even better, there is also a 97 day money back guarantee should you decide you actually do not want to keep using the service. With all of that there isn’t much to lose for at least trying to Dreamhost so let’s delve into more about what this hosting site is about and has to offer.

Wordpress Rating

The Dreamhost hosting site has a WordPress hosting option where “performance comes standard”. It has a very reasonable and low monthly pricing plan which is great for those of you who are just starting out with your websites. And it allows you to have complete domain management so you can manage as many domains as you want.

A great feature of the WordPress hosting option is that it has a 1 click Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so the data that is passed between your users and you will be secure. There is also a very quick and simple to use control panel and dashboard. There are strong WordPress tools as well that you will get when using this hosting method such as:server caching, daily backups, and CDN.

Dreamhost Wordpress Hosting Features

  • Fast SSD storage
  • Web application Firewall
  • Unlimited email @ your domain

Dreamhost Wordpress Hosting Highlights

Domain Privacy
Free of charge
WordPress Preconfigured
WordPress and some themes, and plugins with every site
SSL Security
Free and simple
Other Features

Dreamhost Wordpress Hosting Prices

Shared Starter

The WordPress Hosting by Dreamhost is a great choice for anyone who has a small WordPress site or a business that expect performance. You can start off with the Shared Starter plan and then when you and your WordPress site are ready you can upgrade to the DreamPress plan. They guarantee speed, security and support to make sure you have an excellent experience when using WordPress hosting.

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Shared Rating

Another option of Dreamhost is Shared hosting. You will be able to easily and simply install the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with just one click. With this hosting option you will “look like a pro” with your site “fast, secure, and always up”. There is also a one click WordPress install as well. You will look like a true professional if you choose shared hosting with Dreamhost.

Currently there are more than 1.5 million websites that choose Dreamhost so you know that you must be in good hands. There is a Dreamhost control panel to help you out as well. Now let’s find out a little bit more about shared hosting so you can decide to be one of those websites. And you can test this all out with zero risk since there is a money back guarantee.

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Features

  • Advanced and modern control panel
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Access to raw log files
  • Canned CGI scripts
  • Unlimited mysql databases

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Highlights

Money Back
97 Day Money Back Guarantee
Tech Support
24/7, 365 support
Disk Space and Bandwidth
Other Features

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Prices

Shared Starter
Shared Unlimited

Shared hosting will power your purpose. Whether you just have a blog or a small website or run a business choosing the Shared hosting could be a great option for you. If you are just starting out you can started with the less expensive plan or if you are more advanced the Shared Unlimited may be a better fit for you. No matter what kind of website you have, one of these shared hosting plans will be a good fit for you.

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VPS Rating

By using the VPS (virtual private servers) hosting through Dreamhost you will get a lot of features. It will provide you with useful aspects like managed performance, security and updates. Whether you site is big or small or whether you have a website or application, there is a VPS configuration that is right for you.

It is also easy to set up and manage so you will have your site up and running in no time. And the best part is that there are many different plan options so finding the right one for you will be easy and they each come with: SSDs, email, 1 click SSL, unlimited domains, privacy and many other features.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Features

  • VPS control panel
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Reseller and sub accounts features

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Highlights

SSL/TSL certificate
Unlimited Website Hosting
host an endless amount of domains and websites
Unlimited Bandwidth
No limit to the traffic your VPS hosted site or app can receive
Other Features

Dreamhost VPS Hosting Prices

Basic VPS
Business VPS
Professional VPS

What is great about the VPS hosting option with Dreamhost is that it can work for almost anyone because it has so many different plans to choose from. Depending on how much RAM or storage or other similar things like that you need will ultimately decide which plan is the best option for your website.

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Cloud Rating

You will be able to launch cloud servers in 30 seconds or less with Cloud Hosting through Dreamhost. You will be able to “take your applications online with simple bills: hourly pricing and monthly discounted rates”. You can also run any application you can think of on Dreamhost’s all-SSD cloud servers. You will be able to change any part of your servers any time you want with OpenStack compatible API requests.

As your business grows you will eventually be able to run your own private cloud and the Cloud Hosting will help you move your workloads to your own private cloud when you are ready.

Dreamhost Cloud Hosting Features

  • Servers that scale with you
  • Free bandwidth for all plans
  • Only charged up to 600 hours per month

Dreamhost Cloud Hosting Highlights

Ready for SSH in under 30 seconds
Full Root/Full Control
No limits in operating system choice or software versions
Block storage
All accounts come with 100GB of block storage
Other Features

Dreamhost Cloud Hosting Prices

512MB RAM Server
2GB RAM Server
8GB RAM Sever

Cloud hosting through Dreamhost is a great option for people who feel like their website will be continuously growing. There are several different plans so depending on what stage you are at with your site will help you to choose which plan is the right one for you now. So if this sounds like your site Cloud hosting is a good option.

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