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4.2 / 5
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iPage is a full service domain as well as web hosting provider that targets smaller business that are looking to be more involved in eComerce.  The company was founded about 20 years ago in 1998. Thomas Gorny founded iPage in Massachusetts with the initial goal of being a complete provider of web solutions. But just two years later, the company put  a pause on business until 2007 when it was relaunched as a 100% web hosting provider with two different offices in MA. Fast forward to the present and iPage is just one of several providers owned and run by the Endurance international Group. As of today, iPage has become one of the most recognized web hosting brands that is currently hosting over one million websites.

What is so great about iPage is that the company focuses on 3 major things customers care about: Sites, security, and email. It is also a strong believer in green energy. What iPage does is it buys Renewable Energy Certificates to offset the energy that is used by their servers, in their headquarters and by their data centers. And of course the businesses that decide to have their sites hosted by iPage also benefit from this because they can include a Green Badge on their site. This will allow site visitors to know they are eco-friendly.

VPS Rating

With the VPS hosting option from iPage you will get a lot of features. The VPS hosting will provide you with increased power, flexibility as well as control You will also get: a free domain, pre-installed scripts and managed support.

This hosting choice also has several different plan options so there is an option for everyone no matter what your budget is. There is also advanced customization with VPS hosting so you will be able to customize your hosting environment and be able to install proprietary software and other applications.

iPage VPS Hosting Features

  • Free one year domain registration
  • centOS 6.4
  • Semi-private resources

iPage VPS Hosting Highlights

Cloud based flexibility
Your resources can fluctuate depending on what you need
Advanced Customization
Customize your hosting enviornment
Managed support
Customer support for your needs
Other Features

iPage VPS Hosting Prices


The VPS hosting option from iPage comes with tons of different plan choices so there is something for everyone. Thanks to the cloud based flexibility your server can grow or shrink and fluctuate depending on the amount of traffic for your site. For every VPS plan you will get great tools and features so you can host an amazing hosting site.

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Shared Rating

The Shared hosting options with iPage is a one size fits all hosting choice. Everyone that would like to use it for their hosting site will pay the same low price and get tons of amazing features, everything you could possibly need is included.

It has designing and building tools along with the iPage website builder so it will even help you to build your site. And this hosting choice can allow you to sell online. There is a free store along with PayPal integration, an easy one click installer and the AgoraCart shopping cart.

iPage Shared Hosting Features

  • Gives you the tools to sell online
  • Customizable email with your domain
  • 27/7 network monitoring
  • Designing and building tools
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases

iPage Shared Hosting Highlights

Customer supprt
Money Back
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Scalable bandwidth
So your bandwidth can fluctuate depending on your traffic
Other Features

iPage Shared Hosting Prices

Web Hosting

So if you aren’t quite sure of what you want from your hosting site, starting with the Shared hosting iPage choice is a great decision. It has tons of different tools and features to allow you to make a diverse and one of a kind site

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WordPress Rating

Another hosting option that is  available with iPage is WordPress hosting. This hosting choice will provide you withe everything you need for WordPress, including a free domain no matter which plan you choose.

Of course, since this hosting choice is WordPress related there is WordPress support from experts. There is built in function and style “with the best possible features to optimize your new WordPress site”. So if you are looking to build a WordPress site this is an excellent hosting option for you to use.

iPage WordPress Hosting Features

  • Free one year domain registration
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Speed and security

iPage WordPress Hosting Highlights

WordPress support
Expert WordPress support
Search engine friendly
Make your site more noticable
Advanced Features
Engagement and security plugins
Other Features

iPage WordPress Hosting Prices

WP Starter
WP Essential

Whichever plan you choose you will still be able to successfully have a WordPress hosting site. Both options come with some important core features such as: unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, pre-installed themes and plugins, and customize control panel. If you want more tools and features than the WP essential plan is what you need but both options are excellent choices.

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Dedicated Rating

And the last hosting choice that iPage has to offer is Dedicated hosting. With this hosting choice you will get dedicated servers and powerful solutions. Every program choice will provide you with a one year free domain registration.

There is also total customization so you will “have unrestricted ability to install software and an easy to use control panel” so you can have total control over your hosting environment. So if you like to have full control over your projects then Dedicated hosting is the choice for you.

iPage Dedicated Hosting Features

  • centOS 6.4
  • cPanel
  • Pre-installed scripts

iPage Dedicated Hosting Highlights

Managed Support
For all of your questions and needs
Cloud based flexibility
Scalability as your website grows
Dedicated resources
Optimum: security, uptime and speed
Other Features

iPage Dedicated Hosting Prices


The Dedicated hosting has several different plan options so there is something for everyone. It provides you with lots of tools and features no matter which program you choose but of course the higher the program the more things you will get. But everyone does get a free one year domain registration.

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