How to Add Scroll Effect in WordPress

How to Add Scroll Effect in WordPress

Last modified: May 30, 2022


The scroll effect on WordPress can be a great way for you to add some excellent user experiences to your website. But if you’re looking into how to add a scroll effect in WordPress, then you need to read this article that explains it.

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Why Add Scroll Effect in WordPress

One of the reasons why you will want to add a scroll effect in WordPress for the user’s experience. Users do seem to engage your website more when there is a scroll effect. What happens is that your background can change and make your website more interest.

Another aspect is that you can also add more messages to your website in the background or add new animations that can add some better interest. For instance, as they scroll down the page an important message about discounts or timing before a shop closes is displayed as a pop out on the page.

Websites with a scroll effect are also for mobile readers to read. This is because it takes longer for the pages to load when a user has to click through. However, a scroll page can load once on a mobile and be read for a long time.

Considering that more than half of all traffic now is coming from mobile devices, this is an important consideration.

How to Add Scroll Effect in WordPress

One of the best ways that you can add the scroll effect in WordPress is that you need to use a plugin. Why? Because adding in the scroll effect is a very complex process and it can be very challenging to do without making a mistake on a website.

Making a coding mistake can be very challenging to repair. You would need to have a backup to ensure that your website is safe should something happen.

Another factor is that by using a plugin, you can get support from the developers. This means that if there is a problem, then you might have some backup to solve it.

There are numerous scroll effects available. However, there are some themes, like Soledad that can help you create a scroll effect when the user moves down the page. This means that you don’t need a plugin.

Plugins can be costly or they can be free. The problem with a free plugin is that the developers don’t have any incentive to help you should something go wrong.

Final Word: How to Add Scroll Effect in WordPress

If you want to learn how to add scroll effect in WordPress then you need to install a plugin or use a theme that already had that feature in. Most parallax or premium themes will have these features already in them. For example, you can use a theme like Noor that can add these features in easily.

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