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25 RTL WordPress Themes Compared - 2021

Last modified: July 19, 2021


If you happen to come across this post as you were looking for WordPress themes in general you might not know what the first three letters in the title of our article stand for. RTL stands for right to left and it is in reference to languages. So right to left languages would be languages such as Hebrew or Arabic, where they are written and read from right to left. As our planet has become much more connected and people from all over the world speak all different and various types of languages it is becoming increasingly important that your website can manage to be translated into various different languages so that as many people as possible can read, understand and ultimately use your site and keep coming back. So it is vital that the theme you choose to create your website is not just translation ready, but that it can also support right to left languages and luck for you we have a nice long list of different RTL WordPress themes for you to check out.

RTL WordPress Themes – Is There a Difference?

All of the themes we have listed in our RTL WordPress themes list can all accommodate all rtl languages as well as languages that are not RTL. We have compiled WordPress themes together so you can see various different types of themes and options for themes that all contain this incredibly important feature. Depending on what kind of site you want to create whether it be something like: a news site, or game site, or fashion blog, or any other type of site will depend which theme from our list you choose but we wanted to bring to you options that all had the RTL quality in common. So let’s see which theme may be your perfect match.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen some diverse options of RTL WordPress themes did you find one that will work for the kind of website you want to make? Having a website that can support as many languages as possible is super important because our society is so global. The more languages your site can accommodate the more people can use it and the more users, views and subscribers you’ll get.

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