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25 WordPress Review Plugins

Last modified: September 5, 2018

With all the websites and products and services out there, many people are finding themselves shopping online more and more. Because of the ease of online shopping every year more and more people are more frequently choosing to purchase online than in a retail space. It’s so easy to just sit at home, or at work, or on vacation or out with the kids and turn on your phone, tablet or whatever device you are using and shop (or virtually window shop). And what happens when people start browsing online, even when they didn’t begin their search with the intention to purchase? They buy something!

With everything we can possibly want or need at our fingertips, digital shopping is a daily occurrence for many. But buying things online does come with risks. What if the product is damaged? What if it doesn’t fit? What happens if it doesn’t have all of the features I need or it looks different in real life than it did in its online picture? Have you ever asked yourself any of the questions? Who can we turn to in order to help us make the best choices we can when shopping online? We turn to each other, our fellow shoppers and consumers in the online community.

But how do we find out their opinions so we can decide whether or not to buy something? Through their reviews and comments of course! Since online reviews are now relied on so heavily, they have become their own business and there is money to be made.

How can WordPress Review Plugins help your online business?

In this post we’ll talk about some WordPress Review plugins which help people who have websites allow customers and users to leave various feedback about products and services. I’m sure on almost any website you’ve been to there is some kind of a section for reviews or feedback. Because reviews aren’t just for things you buy on Amazon or from other big businesses. Even smaller companies are creating a section for customers and users to create reviews and ratings. People can search for reviews on almost anything: movies, doctors, hotels, schools and they highly value what other people have said about them. We rely on other people sharing their experiences so we can see whether or not they liked something and if it’s worth it for us to invest in it as well. Since customers and consumers rely so much on the opinions and reviews others have made, their own perceptions of a product or service can be molded and shaped based on others’ experiences.

So no matter what kind of business you have, or product you sell, having a reviewing system on your site is a new crucial element in the industry.

Not all WordPress Review Plugins have the same features to allow people to rate and review things. After all, there are many ways to express whether or not you like something. Some plugins offer star ratings or allow users to create testimonials or to comment about an item. Let’s take a look at 25 WordPress Review Plugins to help you choose which one will be best for you.

Filter between free and paid


WP Product Review Lite


You can do a lot with this WordPress Review plugin, and best of all it’s free. Using the WP Product Review Lite plugin you will be able to:

  • Review various items
  • Grade different aspects about them
  • Enable reviews of users

Each product can also have a pros list and a cons list to showcase its features. This plugin also comes with the most recent product widgets and support for Rich Snippets. Overall this is a great choice for a free plugin. It comes with many great features and is a good option for something that is effective but won’t break your bank.



Next up on the list is Wiremo. This review plugin is customer centric. It is a customer review plugin that allows people to give their customer feedback. It has:

  • Free widgets
  • Social media connections with G+, Facebook and Twitter
  • SEO integration
  • Cross browser compatibility

What’s nice about this particular plugin is that it connects more with clients than other plugins and it can feature: blogs, FAQS and customer posts. With Wiremo you can use the conversation feature on the dashboard to improve your user relations, reply to users and allow reviews to be shared on social media. For those that value their customers’ inputs, this is the perfect plugin.

Good Reviews


This is a no nonsense free plugin from WordPress. Good Reviews supports schema markup, which will enhance your SEO which will then improve the views on your site. There are also some cool things you can use for you customer reviews and it comes with a lot of helpful features for you to use. You can:

  • Add a photo of a reviewer, which will make their review seem more trustworthy
  • Add a link to a business page, which will help give your site credibility
  • Add reviews on any page, sidebar or post
  • Implement a star or number ratings to reviews

With this plugin you can help build up your site and improve credibility with your readers.

Schema Ninja


The WordPress Schema Ninja plugin is an overall really nice plugin choice. It has great features such as:

  • It is adaptable to third-party themes
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easily installable
  • It’s interactive through ratings and pictures

This plugin also structures its data by using rich snippets. So this means that search engines will show improvement right away. Schema Ninja can also support a variety of different kinds of content like videos, articles etc. So if you’re looking for something easy and effective Schema Ninja is probably the right choice for you.

Rich Reviews


With the Rich Reviews WordPress plugin there is a lot you can do. One great thing about it is that it can make your reviews and ratings be displayed as rich snippets in SERP without you having to do any extra work because it handles this feature for you. Want to know why it’s so helpful to have Rich Reviews show your rich snippets? Here are a few reasons:

  • An increase in website traffic, especially qualified traffic
  • They show your business’s worth in a visual way by showing the product, prices, rankings, reviews, any important links, and contact info
  • You will definitely stand out from your competition
  • Current businesses using rich snippets have seen a significant CTR increase

Now let’s talk more about the features of this plugin.

It allows you to customize 3 types of reviews: per page/per cost, category, or global reviews depending on if you want your users to be able to review the: products, categories, or the whole site. Since it has a simple design it works for all themes and there are endless color options for your star or numerical ratings. This plugin also won’t slow down your site and has translation available.


Easy Testimonials


Easy Testimonial’s name describes this WordPress plugin very well. This plugin is easy to use and will let your users add their own testimonials to the sidebar or they can choose to embed the testimonials in a page or post using shortcode. You can also add a picture to go along with each testimonial so people can see that a real person is behind it. The testimonials can also be rated and you can link each testimonial to a specific page.

So if you’re a beginner and want something uncomplicated to set up, the Easy Testimonials WordPress plugin is definitely the right choice for you.

Author hReview


This plugin is a little different than the ones we’ve have already discussed. Author hReview is only for site owners, not their users. So the ratings that will be on the site will be just from the site’s owner.

For this plugin you can add hReview and AggregateRating support which will make your SERP more interesting and lead to an increase in your search traffic. Author hReview is a very basic and simple plugin. If you are looking for something to help display your own ratings then this WordPress plugin will work perfectly for you.

Handsome Testimonials


This plugin is also easy to use. With Handsome Testimonials you can show testimonials on your site to help build trust with you users. It comes with customizable designs to make your testimonials look great and unique. With this plugin’s testimonial generator you can:

  • Change colors
  • Alter font size
  • Make rounded corners
  • Adjust alignments
  • Create shadows

And before your testimonials are put out there for the world to see, you can preview what they look like and see your customized result. Once your testimonial is finished you can add it to the sidebar widgets using the Apps Widget. If you love creating testimonials about the items you review then this plugin should be your top choice.

Site Reviews


Site Review is just what it sounds like. It allows your users to create reviews for your products with a 1-5 star rating system. It has a simple settings page for you to decide how you want to gather reviews and how you want them to be displayed on your site.

You can:

  • Pin the best reviews so they will be shown first
  • Require new review submissions be approved before being published
  • Enforce visitors to be logged in before they can write a review

The plugin also has widgets and shortcodes. There are still upcoming features being developed for this plugin so if you want to use Site Reviews now, it will only get better.


WP Customer Reviews


This WordPress plugin is jam packed with features so let’s start with the basics. This plugin is lightweight so it won’t slow down your site. It can also support business and product reviews and the reviews can be edited by the admin for the content and date. A nice feature for WP Customer Reviews is that it comes with an external stylesheet so you can customize and modify it to better fit your website’s theme.You can also make your own customized fields and admin responses can be displayed under every user review.

A great feature that comes with this plugin is that there are several anti-spam measures to help prevent spambots from creating reviews. Lastly, you, the admin, can choose which reviews are shown on your site. With this plugin you are in full control. So get started!

Yellow Pages Reviews


This WordPress plugin lets you show reviews from Yellow Pages on your WordPress website. Having reviews on Yellow Pages is excellent for businesses, especially smaller, local ones. These reviews help build and create online credibility for potential and current customer and consumers.

It can display up to 3 business reviews and can show the business information such as: hours of operation, the business’s name, its website and more.

There is also a pro version which offers: more reviews, faster loading and widget themes.

This is a very basic plugin but may be a good choice for small businesses or those first experimenting with having a review plugin.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets


We’ve talked a lot about Rich Snippets in this post so let’s explain a little what exactly it is. A Rich Snippet is a brief summary of your page in the search results of search engines. This summary can also include star ratings, the author’s image etc. The Rich Snippet helps your site because it only gives relevant and important information to be displayed in search results. This then helps you to stand out from your competition and improve your website views by ranking higher in the search results.

So now that you have some background. This plugin supports a variety of schemas, including:

  • People
  • Review
  • Product
  • Video
  • Software Application
  • Recipe
  • Articles

No matter what plugin you use on WorPress as your review plugin you should always have Rich Snippet but if you want these other features include the All In One Schema Rich Snippets

JKL Reviews


The main function of the JKL Reviews WordPress plugin is to store both book and product information. However, it does support review types of: video, audio, services and others.

The plugin can store various information like:

  • The author’s name
  • Cover image
  • Summary
  • Star rating
  • Category of the book
  • The title

The plugin also has some great features that come with it. It has light and dark display box styles and 8 different color choices for the box header. There is also responsive design on the back end and front end. This WordPress plugin is still getting features added to it that are not mentioned here. So if JKL Reviews is of interest to you make sure you stay current about new awesome feature for the plugin.


AppStore Reviews Viewer


This plugin is perfect for any mobile app developers reading this. With the AppStore Reviews Viewer plugin app developers can embed their app reviews into their WordPress site by using shortcode. What’s nice about this plugin is that whenever a review is loaded it is then cached within a database. This way, when someone loads the same review the cache version will be displayed. The cache will also update itself ever.

This plugin can also be good for directory sites or databases of mobile apps. The only catch is that this is compatible only with Apple. But if you’re a mobile app developer this plugin is an excellent choice.

Comment Rating Field Plugin


This plugin was made specifically for the visitors of your site. With the WordPress Comment Rating Field Plugin, your users can add a star rating of one through five through their comments. The plugin comes with a five star rating system that appears at the end of each comment form. This plugin also lets you see an average rating for all the ratings that have been submitted on individual pages or individual posts.

If you’re looking for something with a few more features you can also get the pro version of Comment Rating Field. But if you’re looking for something easy and simple, this is a good choice for you.

Comments WPDiscuz


This next plugin is AJAX powered and was designed just for sites that use WooCommerce. Designed to enhance WordPress native comments, Comments WPDiscuz comes with some great features such as:

  • A real time comment system.
  • Custom comments forms and fields.
  • It is also very fast and responsive.
  • Sticky comments
  • A closed comments thread

The plugin also has a an interactive comment box for posts and the site owner has the power to not allow commenting on a  post. And if you like social media, Comments WPDiscuz also has full integration with Social Network Login plugins.

There are plenty more features that come with this plugin, so if you’re looking for something diverse with a lot of control AND your site has WooCommerce, then this is a great option for you to choose for your site.



For those that love Amazon, you’ll want to know more about this next plugin. ScrapeAZon allows you to show client surveys of specific products from Amazon.com. By using shortcodes, you can show your client reviews of Amazon products and style your survey iframe through custom CS or by integrating  a responsive theme. Some more features of ScrapeAZon are:

  • It comes with an Amazon Reviews widget to be used in addition to or instead of shortcodes
  • You can take reviews from international Amazon sites
  • Use the most recent version of the Amazon.com API

The only downside to this plugin is that before you can use some of these features you need to become a member of the Amazon.com Association Program and the Amazon.com item publicizing API.

Ultimate Reviews


Allow your visitors to create reviews for a variety of things like: products, events, you name it! With the WordPress Ultimate Reviews plugin you can do tons of things such as:

  • Show the product reviews of one or all products
  • Filter the reviews by: product name, review author and/or score
  • Accept and manage visitor reviews
  • Create review fields
  • Set a maximum rating score

You can also add custom fields to the review like: a radio button, drop down fields, a text box or a checkbox to enhance your product reviews. And last but not least, you can integrate WooCommerce should you want to have a retail aspect on your site.

Ultimate Facebook Reviews


Looking to display your Facebook reviews in a nice, unique, customized and organized way? Well look no further…than the WordPress Ultimate Facebook Reviews plugin. With this plugin you can:

  • Show your Facebook reviews in your already created and designed template
  • Make endless shortcodes
  • Choose a main color for the reviews
  • Display Facebook reviews with widgets
  • Create Facebook reviews using WP REST API URLS

You can also hide blank reviews and hide reviews that are less than a predetermined rating that you can set. What’s also great about this plugin is that it is SEO optimized and schema.org supported.

Final Thoughts

If you were hesitant and unsure if you needed a WordPress review plugin, I hope that fear has been put at ease now that you’ve taken some time to read about 25 of the best WordPress Review plugins. There is a lot of evidence that shows how and why allowing users to write reviews is beneficial for business. And now that you’ve taken the first step and done some research, think about what you want to get out of using one of the WordPress plugins for your site and how it can benefit you and your business. Do you want testimonials to give you site more validity and credibility? Do you want or need something that is very customizable? Are you tech challenged and want something that will look good and be helpful, but that is easy to install and use? Almost all of these plugins have the same underlying feature, your site users and visitors can come and in some manner leave comments and/or ratings. But it’s up to you to decide what extra features are needed to make your website the best it can be. No matter what your qualifications are for a plugin, there are plenty WordPress Review Plugins to choose from.

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