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25 Best WordPress News Themes Compared - 2019

Last modified: October 22, 2019

The rumor is that print newspapers will be a thing of the past in the next few decades as digital and online publications increase in popularity. Digital newspapers, magazines etc. help companies save money and they cut down on waste which leads to a better environment. And since making a website is becoming an increasingly common skill set, the amount of publications and news sites out there on the world wide web is increasing. It is becoming increasingly easier for the average person to make an online magazine or blog or newspaper with all the tools that are out there. And now you might be thinking, “well, I want to share my opinion and help keep people informed. How can I get in on the action and be a part of something big?”. Well I’m glad you asked, because we know who can help you, it’s WordPress and its many newspaper/magazine/blog/online publication themes. Lucky for you we have written about the top 25 WordPress news themes that can be of assistance to your future news site.

WordPress News themes – how can they help you?

Another great question! All of WordPress’s many themes can help you build various sites but these next 25 themes were made just for creating an online newspaper or magazine or blog. We will show you some of the pros and cons to each theme and many of the great features that they each come with and what sets them apart from each other. There is a lot of information out there and you need to choose the right theme to get your news site going. But lucky for you we have done your homework for you. Just read through our list of the best WordPress news themes to figure out which one can help you make your project a reality.

Filter between free and paid


News Paperly

News Paperly

The next of our WorPress news themes is News Paperly. This theme was designed for: blogs, newspapers, magazines and writers in general. Aside from the fact that this is the first free theme in our list, News Paperly also comes with some other great elements. This theme works with most schema markups so you can also have reviews and other similar content on your site.

In addition, News Paperly is SEO optimized which will help your site rank high and get noticed in online search results. This will be very beneficial because it will increase site traffic and lead to higher views of your pages. By using ad programs like AdSense you can make money from you site by displaying ads from third parties. And of course, this WordPress theme is responsive so your site can look great on any device at any time. If you want something simple with useful features that won’t break the bank, then News Paperly is the theme for you.

Final thoughts

Well I hope this was as informative as your news site will be. If you haven’t yet decided which theme will be best for you then keep checking out all of the other news themes WordPress has to offer you. Think about if you want something simple with not too many frills, or maybe you want to make something busy and over the top and focus on the visual aesthetics of your site. Whatever your thinking, WordPress has a theme to make your news website dream a reality. So figure out which of these news themes fits your needs best and start spreading the news.

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