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What is GitHub?

Last modified: February 23, 2020


When you want to create a project, you can use GitHub. It is a project hosting service that allows developers to host projects either privately (premium service) or for free. GitHub is one of the most popular code-hosting services with developers and programmers.

There are lots of names that you should be aware of when you’re using GitHub. For instance, a project hosted with the site is called a repository.

GitHub is free to signup to and anyone can create their own projects. Then other users on the site can be added and collaborate on the projects. This is a great way to find solutions to problems that might be alluding you on a project.

As others can submit their code and patches to your project, you need to manage these suggestions from the community. Luckily, GitHub has thought of this. Any potential changes to your project have to be authorized by you. Therefore, if you think that a patch will be detrimental to your project, you can cancel it.

GitHub is an important cornerstone for WordPress. Many WordPress developers host their plugins and themes on GitHub. This allows developers to collaborate, then create better plugins with the help of others and troubleshoot glitches. It also allows them to have others review the code and provide feedback. Finally, GitHub enables developers to distribute their code to others.

GitHub has a large community. The community is prominently made up of developers and programmers. However, anyone can join and business leaders might find new talent on GitHub that can help them build upon a successful website. GitHub can also be used for connecting with others. Users can follow each other and rank people based on skills and professionalism.

You can also keep up-to-date on the latest news from your friends with GitHub.

GitHub can also be used to host other topics like open source manuals, documentation, learning resources and other projects.

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