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Last modified: January 13, 2020


You probably know that there is a huge amount of information to learn about WordPress in different levels of expertise. If you are reading this post, you might have come to the conclusion that you need to learn WordPress from the pros. No matter what you level of WordPress knowledge is, you might be a total newbie and not know what HTML is, or you might be a full stack web developer that wants to widen your web abilities. No matter what level you are at, there are places and courses for all of you.

There are countless places you can learn WordPress from but we’ll try and keep only the best options here – free and paid options alike.

The Best Places to Learn WordPress

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Learn Wordpress on udemy
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Team Treehouse
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Wordpress TV
wordpress tv
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The Wordpress Codex
Wordpress Codex
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Wordpress TV

wordpress tv

WordPress actually has their our TV channel (sort of). WordPress TV is sort of like a Youtube dedicated to Wordpress. There are many interviews there, talks, tutorials etc.

It’s not the best place to start out learning WordPress at, seeing as there is not a set structure like a course but it’s definitely a place you can consider learning some new tricks at.

The Wordpress Codex

Wordpress Codex

One of the best places to lean WordPress is the “WordPress Codex”. There is no WordPress developer that hasn’t visited that site over 100 times and counting.

However, there is no set structure to learning from the codex. It’s not suppose to be a course. It’s similar to the original PHP site. While you can learn anything within PHP that you want there, there is no structure, just snippets and explanations.

So, my advice is to use the codex when you need something specific, not when you just want to learn an entire subject.


Final Thoughts

There are several more resources that we could add here. There are literally hundreds of blogs that have a countless number of WordPress tutorials. However, we decided to focus solely on the sites that have actual courses from beginning to end, most blogs do not offer that.

Do you know of any other great sources to learn WordPress at?

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