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The Top 12 WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugins Compared - 2021

Last modified: January 18, 2021


Coupons are a major aspect of running an online business. Customers expect to have coupons applied to their shopping, whether it’s for free delivery, a specific price reduction, or a percentage off their cart. Not being able to offer coupons can often lead to your business missing out on vital sales and revenues. That is why it’s always important to install one of the WooCommerce Coupon Code plugins available.

What To Look For In The WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugins

When you’re looking at the WooCommerce coupon code plugins there is a lot to consider. For one you need to make sure that it’s compatible with your theme and other plugins on your site. You can’t always find this information, so you might need to backup your website before with one of the best backup plugins available.

Another thing you need to look for is functionality. A plugin should be able to offer you lots of ways to offer discounts, including having a function that rejects coupons should the basket not qualify. You should also look for WooCommerce coupon code plugins that are easy to use for you and your audience. When it’s too complicated, you might get people abandoning their basket and shopping elsewhere.

So, what are the best WooCommerce Coupon Code plugins? Here is our selection.

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WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

This is a free version of the WooCommerce Extended Coupon features plugin. It is highly versatile and perfect for any business on a tight budget. You can restrict coupons by shipping or payment methods and by the number/combination of products in the basket.

While it has limited functionality compared to other plugins, it does allow you to get some great coupon features. You can set coupons to be applied via URLs. These can be inserted into email marketing campaigns or on social media.

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features Highlights:

  • Add coupon codes for users to manually enter on your website.
  • A free plugin to help you expand the functionality of your WooCommerce website.
  • Get coupon codes applied via URLs.
  • Restrict the use of coupon codes based on numerous functions.

Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator

This simple plugin allows you to create coupons and display them on your website. You can display single coupons on your website or create a loop of coupons with other options to align them or order them.

Coupon Creator Highlights:

  • Simple, easy to use plugin.
  • Free plugin with optional pro upgrade.
  • Display numerous coupons in a loop.
  • Limited functionality, but powerful options.

Final Word: The Top WooCommerce Coupon Code Plugins

When it comes to the top WooCommerce Coupon code plugins, there are lots of options with a vast array of functions and abilities. You need to decide what is best for your site and your goals. Each one of the plugins mentioned above are great in their own right, but only a select few will be suitable for your website. Which one will you choose?

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