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Exit Intent Plugins

12 Exit Intent WordPress Plugins Compared - 2021

Last modified: January 3, 2021


WordPress plugins were created to add more features onto WordPress sites. People could look for a specific plugin type and choose which one they want and incorporate into their WP theme. They are a very important category of the tools WordPress has to offer. WordPress prides itself on being very simple and easy to use so that anyone who is interested in building their own site will be able to do so, and usually without needing to know any code.

WordPress has different kinds of plugins for almost anything you could think of to want to have on your site. The plugins you choose will allow you to have more elements, tools and features on your website instead of relying only on the elements of the theme you choose to use. For example, if you have a blog but want to translate it into another language, you should use the WPML plugin which will allow you to translate your site into almost any language you want, or maybe you want more security for your site or to add a shopping section. Since there are so many plugins you need to talk about them one category at a time and today we are discussing Exit Intent WordPress Plugins.

Exit Intent WordPress Plugins Can Bring in More Subscribers and Customers

Keeping people on your site is an incredibly difficult task. There is just so much content and options available at the click of a button on the web that keeping people engaged and getting their information can be incredibly difficult. That is why it is so critical to have a popup or something be displayed just as a visitor is about to leave your site. And the way to get them to be more engaged and have them subscribe to your site is with one of these exit intent WordPress plugins

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Exit Notifier-Notify Your User When he Leaves Your Site

Exit Notifier-Notify Your User When he Leaves Your Site

We are getting our Exit Intent WordPress plugins list start with the Exit Notifier plugin. This is a free plugin that will allow you to have a notification on your site when someone leaves the site. It can work with little to no configuration so if you aren’t really tech savvy do not worry, you can still use this plugin easily. Should you want to customize the display of the dialogue you will be able to do so by modifying and adjusting the CSS and you can add CSS classes to select links.

You can edit many features of this plugin such as the body of the exit box as well as the text on the buttons. With the Exit Notifier plugin there is also an option for having a visual indication on your selected links and for when a selected link is opened in a new tab or window. Lastly, you are also able to set a timeout that will either continue or cancel when the time ends “with optional visual feedback”.

Lead Captor-Grow Your Subscirbers

Lead Captor-Grow Your Subscirbers

Next up we have the Lead Captor plugin. This is known to be one of the best plugins to use if you want to create gorgeous popup forms upon exit intent. The goal of having one of these kinds of plugins is to help turn regular visitors of your site into subscribers. This plugin comes with four different modal forms to help you do that.

How the Lead Captor WordPress plugin works is that when one of your users is about to leave the site, it will show a popup form to have them subscribe into your mailing list. So this plugin is a really great option if you are looking to expand your site’s email list. You now also have the ability to integrate MailChimp account and automatically add subscribers to your list.

Other Features of the Lead Captor Plugin Are:

  • Customize the behavior of the popup form
  • Export all of your subscribers in a CSV file
  • 4 templates

Yeloni-GDPR Compliant Plugin

Yeloni-GDPR Compliant Plugin

The Yeloni WordPress plugin is a very powerful plugin designed for lead generating that will convert abandoning visitor of your site into new subscribers. It will do this by using forms to grab people’s attention before actually leaving your website. You will be able to have a lot of customizing power with this plugin because you can choose from a lot of different configurations, targeting options as well as widget designs to make the forms uniquely yours.

The Yeloni plugin can integrate with several other email marketing services such as: MailChimp, Active campaign, Aweber, and more. There is a paid premium version of Yeloni as well should you need more tools such as reponsive widgets on mobile devices and showing widgets on specific pages instead of all of the pages.

More Features of the Yeloni Theme Are:

  • It is lightweight
  • HTML design services
  • 2 different types of widgets
  • Widget configuration

Poptin-Exit Intent Popup

Free Popups, WordPress Lead Generation Opt in, Email Popup, Exit-Intent Popup – Poptin

And we have come to number five of our Exit Intent WordPress Plugins with the Poptin plugin. With this plugin you will have the ability to create popups, opt-ins, and forms in just 2 minutes or less. Poptin is used to help grow you email list by converting users exiting your site into subscribers.

It does this by tracking “the website’s visitors’ behavior and shows them the right message at the right time”. This will help to improve your conversion rate, as well as improve user engagement and recover visitors that are leaving your website with Exit Intent Technology and triggers. The Poptin Plugin now has new integration with email services such as: MailLite, Drip and Sendlane.

Other Features of The WP Poptin Plugin Include:

  • New, fully implemented editor
  • Create an automated Whatsapp message
  • Autoresponder
  • Track popup analytics
  • Landing page link

And for more info on Poptin you can check out this video



Exit Popup-Create Exit Popups

Exit Popup-Create Exit Popups

Using the Exit Popup plugin will allow you to show a jquery modal window that will be able to include: text, maps, forms, and more before your visitor leaves your site. This plugin is actually pretty smart and can figure out when a person is going to leave your site. It can detect mouse the behavior of the user’s mouse and then popup a modal window when your visitor is going to close the web page he is on.

This will help you improve: your landing page conversions rates, newsletter subscribers, etc. From experience with this plugin, the plugin manufacturer can says you can expect to see a 7-12% increase in your conversion rate depending on your audience, traffic quality and offer.

Other Features of the Exit Popup Plugin Are:

  • WordPress shortcode can be used in the Popup content
  • Control both height and width of you popup window
  • Control how often your visitor sees the popup

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how important it is to capture visitors before they leave your site have we convinced you to use one of these Exit Intent WordPress Plugins? All of these plugins have the same end goal but many come with lots of extra features and some may be more fitted for you than others. So decide which one you like best so you can start growing your business and email list today.

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