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What is a Domain?

Last modified: February 23, 2020


This is the name of a website that acts as an identifier. It is what the user will type into their browser’s address box to go to your website. However, technically, a domain name actually refers to an IP address, which is a set of numbers, in a specific order that refers to which server your website is being hosted on. However, as IP addresses are too complicated for humans, we use domain names.

Example domain names include amazon.com, google.com, etc..

Domain names can be bought by anyone, as long as someone has not already claimed them. There are numerous re-sellers of domain names. All sellers have to be authorized by the ICANN (the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers).

Some hosting providers, like Bluehost, will often provide a free domain registration with any hosting package they offer. You can also buy a domain name with one reseller and host the website with another host. For instance, buy your domain name off namecheap and then host your website on Bluehost. All you need to do is change the DNS settings.

The DNS settings are like an address that link the domain name to the IP address. If you ever switch hosts, the IP address for your website will change.

All domain names have an extension. These are the endings that come after the full stop. In the past few years several more have been added. Some of the classic domain name extensions that can be bought include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .gov. However, there are also some very good country specific ones like .us, .co.uk and others. There are also some other, more creative ones, like .blog, .london.

You should try to buy as many domain extensions as possible. For instance, buying .com, .co.uk, .net and .org. This prevents others from buying these and then either mimicking your brand and scamming visitors, or using it to resell to you at an inflated price.

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