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25 Education WordPress Themes

Last modified: September 5, 2018

Using the internet and websites for business is becoming a more and more common practice. This is true across all industries, even in education. Schools are incorporating Ipads and computers and web services more and more to incorporate in their classrooms. Home work assignments are given out online and require completion on a computer. Drop boxes are made for submitting homework and projects and assignments. Even tests and quizzes are being given online. To be a teacher in today’s schooling environment you have to be a computer wiz. And don’t forget about all of those classes and courses given online and now there are even schools solely on the internet. If you are a teacher and want to get in on all of this online school action you may need a little help getting started and thankfully WordPress is there to be of assistance. We have compiled a list of 25 Education WordPress themes so you can see some of the great options that are available.

Education WordPress Themes,  get your Online Course Up and Running

You might be wondering what exactly these WordPress themes can offer you that is so specific to the education field. Most of these themes were designed for educators and were created after doing field research to see just what kind of teachers would need in an online learning environment. Many of these themes have a few overlapping characteristics like page builder plugins for easy customization, but some of them have very distinct features that could enhance your online classroom. For example, do you need to administer tests online or collaborate with students on projects in real time or maybe you need to also connect with parents. Depending on what your exact needs are you may choose a different theme than another educator.

Let’s check out some of these great education WordPress themes to figure out which one is your perfect match.

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Education Park

Education Park

We are moving on to the incredibly user friendly Education Park WordPress theme. This is the first free theme in our list and it is incredibly flexible based on the Bootstrap CSS framework. Education Park is also very responsive and will work well on all devices and various screen sizes, even mobile phones. This theme is also cross browser compatible so not only does it work on all devices and screen sizes but it will also work on many browsers.

The Education Park WordPress Education theme also comes with various features such as:

  • Custom CSS
  • Logo color setting
  • Blog layout
  • Customizable banner slider
  • 4 widgets
  • Customizable call to action block
  • Social media options or add more with Instagram plugins
  • Footer setting

So if you want a simple theme that has a several helpful features, then get your site started with the Education Park WordPress theme.

Higher Education

Higher Education

The Higher Education WordPress theme is, as it says, an education theme. It i very simple and user friendly and has a sleek, clean layout. Higher Education also comes with tons of highly customizable features for you to use to make your website unique. This theme is also translation ready so you can have students from all around the world participate in your online class or course. Your students can also make testimonials on your site so potential customers can read about their experiences and decide whether your course is the right choice for them. Having testimonials can also gives your site more credibility and validity.

More features of the Higher Education WordPress theme include:

  • A portfolio
  • A logo slider
  • Hero content
  • Promotion headline
  • Social icons
  • An events section
  • A news section

Education Hub

Education Hub

Our next education WordPress theme is Education Hub. This is a multipurpose and flexible theme that can be used for education to all ages from primary school to high school, college or university or you can use it to build any type of education site. It is has a powerful Customizer API so you can custom all elements of your site like the layout, fonts and colors.

Since this theme is so flexible it can actually be used for a business site or corporate site, but its main purpose is for education. It has a very simple and easy to use layout so your content will shine and be clear. So if you are looking for a no frills, simple and easy, pain free theme to build your site with Education Hub is the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through our many different options of education WordPress themes…have you found one you like? Just like teaching styles are very personal and specific, so are these education themes. Do some research and homework to figure out which theme can help you build and create your online course. See what the themes have to offer you and your future teaching site and decide which one will meet all of your qualifications. Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself for one more second. Start spreading your wisdom through the world wide web and create your online education website today.

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