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Top Wordpress Calendar Plugins

5 Top WordPress Calendar Plugins – Compared - 2023

Last modified: May 28, 2023


Your business may require you to constantly update and manage events, schedule meetings and conferences. Or, you might have a business that deals with hotel and vacation rentals where availability needs to be displayed for booking. There are plenty of calendar plugins for WordPress that can help you with these functions, but here are the five top WordPress calendar plugins with awesome features.

# Name Image
CalPress Calendar
CalPress Calendar
Not Available
Calendarize it! for WordPress
Calendarize it
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All-in-One Event Calendar
All-in-One Event Calendar
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Events Manager
Events Manager
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Availability Calendar Add-on
Availability Calendar Add-on
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CalPress Calendar

CalPress Calendar

CalPress Calendar plugin for WordPress comes with exciting features and easy integration with social media that makes it one of the five top WordPress calendar plugins.

The calendar itself can be viewed in different formats such as day, week, month or list view.  Publicizing an event or spreading the word on social media is very convenient with the built-in social sharing buttons to Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. All of these icons are available with all the above views. Adding a map to the event to enable users to find the location is also very convenient in CalPress.

All you have to do is type the location or the address and the plugin will generate the map based on the Google map database. You can hide or view the map on the web pop up. Users can also view the full map when they click on the event.  The search option makes it easy for users to find any event or schedule on the calendar. A customizable sidebar widget that lets users add many fields is an added attractive feature.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-one Event Calendar by Network Inc. is an advanced plugin.

The best feature of All-in-one Event Calendar is the ability to import events from other calendars and the option for users to subscribe to your event calendar. The different views offered include day, week, month, agenda, upcoming events, and posterboard.  Just like CalPress, this plugin also has Google Map integration.

  • Color coding for different events
  • You can add images of events
  • You can add and edit themes for your calendar
  • Multi-language support with 15 languages
  • Integration with other calendars like Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal and iCalendar.

Events Manager

Events Manager

The Events Manager Plugin is the most convenient one among the five top calendar WordPress plugins to have if your business organizes a lot of events or if you are an event manager!

In Events Manager, you can set up the registration option for each of your events, and indicate if it is a paid one. Limiting the number of registrations and setting an all-day event are some of the best features of Events Manager.

Some of the other useful features include:

  • Enabled search option to easily find events
  • Recurring events support
  • You can save venues of events
  • Easy Google Map integration
  • View of upcoming events with the widget
  • Compatible with tablet and mobile
  • An Ajax enabled calendar
  • Plenty of customization options
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