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How to Backup a Site on Cloudways

How to Backup a Site on Cloudways

Last modified: March 15, 2021


Backing up your site on Cloudways is something that should be done on a regular basis. If you don’t do it and something happens to your server or website, then all your work can be lost. This can be a significant cost to your business. Half of the businesses that don’t have backups and suffer this kind of error will fail within 12 months.

Numerous issues can cause the need for a backup. One is an installation of a plugin or theme that has numerous errors in it or conflict issues that can’t be solved. Just going back to your backup is the only option you have. Another problem is when you have a hack on your system. This can be a fatal problem and a backup is often the only solution if you’ve been hit by ransomware.

Luckily, the process of backing up your site on Cloudways is simple and takes a few minutes.

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Two Types of Backup on Cloudways

There are two types of backup for Cloudways. Here are these two and how these can be activated on for your Cloudways account.

Off-Site Backup

Cloudways has its own backup system that is based on an incremental system. This is where they store files to a remote storage network. Therefore, it is easy for you to recover your website should there be a mistaken deletion of your server or websites.

This is charged, regardless of provider or location and is compulsory. However, it is very secure and can be used as a last resort.

Local Backup

The local backup is an additional copy of the website on your server. To have a local backup of your website, you need to enable the feature on your Cloudways account.

How to Activate and Backup your Website on Cloudways

This is easy to do, just follow these steps here:

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Step 1: Log in

The first step is to log into your Cloudways account.

Step 2: Server

Go to the server that hosts the website that you would like to backup.

Step 3: Server Management

Go to the ‘Server Management’ section of the server and then go to the ‘Backups’ option.

Step 4: Local Backup

Find the option that says, ‘Local Backup’ and enable the option. Then you can click on the ‘Save Changes’ to ensure that your changes are kept.

Step 5: Backup

Now you can backup your website. This can be done by going to the On-Demand Backup option and then clicking on the ‘Take Backup Now’.

This creates a local_backups folder on your server that can be downloaded using SSH/SFTP.

Automating the Process

While creating the backup, you can also have these created on a regular time schedule. You can change the time that it happens (to avoid busy periods for your website), the frequency (how often it happens) and how long the backups are retained.

It is recommended that you backup your website at least once a day and keep them for a week. However, Cloudways allows you to keep backups for about four weeks.

Final Words: How to Backup a Site on Cloudways?

When it comes to backing up your website on Cloudways, there are two options. Both are easy to do and can be done within minutes by anyone, even those without technical knowledge.

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