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What is Cache?

Last modified: February 23, 2020


Even with today’s internet speed, getting data from a computer’s hard drive is faster than getting it from the internet. This is because the process still relies on distance and other aspects. Viewing a website requires your computer to send a request to the website’s server and the information to be sent back along the lines to your computer. If a site is in another country, this is going to take a long time.

This is where cache can come in. Cache, in terms of the internet, is the process of the website being stored locally on the user’s computer. The idea being that the next time the user visits your site, the site is quicker to load.

The Advantages Of Caching Your Site

There are significant advantages of your site being cached. First, you can be sure that your website speed is going to be fast. This will offer customers an improved experience and your site better rankings on search engines.

This will lead to more sales, higher order values and more profit.

It will also improve your site’s reputation with users.

The Disadvantages Of Caching Your Site

Sometimes caching can cause problems. For one, the first load time can be longer. Research has shown that if your site takes longer than four seconds to load, you will lose more than a quarter of your revenue and visitors.

In addition, if your site has significant changes on a regular basis, customers can sometimes be delivered an old version of your website. This can be frustrating for your website’s visitors. But these disadvantages aren’t serious and can be overcome with ease.

For caching to work on your site, you need to enable the feature. So you will need to download a plugin. There are numerous plugins that allow you to do this. They can be on SEO plugins and sometimes on speed plugins. The advantage of speed plugins is that they will also help your site in numerous other aspects such as optimizing code on your website and lazy loading of your images. Some will give you a wider range of benefits across your site.

And there are some great themes that allow for caching too.

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