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No matter if we are self employed, employed by a big firm or just starting out in our field, there’s one thing we all know that we need, and that’s an online profile that can be found easily. The best way to do that, if you are not planning on building a WordPress theme from scratch,  is to create one with the help of a great vCard WordPress theme.

What is a vCard?

vCard stands for “Virtual Business Card” which is essentially a virtual representation of an offline business card that you hand out to people. vCards can be found attached at the end of an email instead of a signature. vCards make it easy for others to add us to their contacts with a click of a button instead of manually typing everything in.

So what do vCards have to do with WordPress? There are many vCard WordPress themes out there that help you create your online profile in a creative way, while using the technology of a vCard for potential clients or employers that would like to contact you.

Below you will find a list of some of the top vCard WordPress themes that can be found today, hope this helps you out.

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This WordPress theme is very different than anything else on this post. Unlike other premium WordPress themes which are meant for presenting resumes, this theme does ONLY that. Most of the other themes are premium themes with page builders and were built after a whole lot of thinking and thousands of hours putting everything together.

This theme is a great option if you just want to get your information across in the fastest and cheapest way. Since MyResume is a free theme from the repository, it could be a great free option of that’s what you are looking for.

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Final Thoughts

When trying to get the essence which is YOU across in the best way, it’s important to choose the best WordPress theme for the task. Choosing the wrong theme could be the difference between landing that desirable job or not. The top themes are some of the most successful vCard WordPress themes that exist and will present yourself the best way possible.

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