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It’s basic common knowledge in the WordPress community that WP Engine has created a perfect WordPress hosting solution and by choosing WP Engine to host your website, you are making the right choice, no matter what your needs are. Seeing how WP Engine built their entire structure around WordPress’ needs, the only way to create anything better than their product would be to do the same, however most hosting companies DO NOT focus specifically on WordPress sites, meaning – if you need a hosting company that you know will give you the best solution for WordPress sites – WP Engine is it.

All of that is great, so the question is – how come not all WordPress sites host on WP Engine? Well, the answer to that is actually pretty simple. Even though they have the best solution out there, they host the fastest WordPress sites, they offer the best panel for hosting your website – their price is accordingly which is the only reason this WP Engine review is not a perfect 5 stars. So, lets start digging in and checking out what WP Engine has to offer us.

WP Engine Review – Hosting Types

Most hosting companies’ hosting plans work the same, they have shared, vps, cloud, dedicated etc. and in every plan there are 3 different plans. WP Engine works differently – they have 3 different plans of their super fast shared hosting and 2 dedicated plans that don’t reveal its price without discussing your needs with them first. This WP Engine review will discuss the first 3 shared hosting plans and disregard the other 2. If you need a dedicated environment you can contact them here.

Shared Rating

As mentioned above WP Engine’s hosting plans are structured a bit differently than other hosting companies. In this WP Engine review we discuss the 3 shared hosting options that they offer and do not talk about the dedicated hosting. Here are the 3 shared hosting options:

Personal Shared Hosting

The personal shared hosting plan is good for:

  • 1 installation of WordPress
  • 25k visits a month
  • 10GB of storage
  • Free SSL

This plan is not half bad assuming you need to host only the 1 site. 25k visits is a serious amount and 10GB is plenty of room for just 1 website.

One thing is a bit of a shame here is that all the plans on WP Engine include a CDN except for this plan.

WP Engine includes 24/7 expert WordPress support, phone, email or chat. They include a WordPress staging ability which almost is nonexistent on any other web host. If you want, you can transfer your site to a PHP 7 server, free of charge.  There are many other features that WP Engine offers that are not offered on any other web host out there. They deserve a huge round of applauds for that.

Professional Shared Hosting

The professional shared hosting plan gives you up to 10 WordPress installs which is great, 100k visits per month and 20GB of storage. The rest is pretty much the same.

Business Shared Hosting

The business shared hosting plan gives you up to 400k visits per month, 25 WordPress installs and 30GB storage on the server. Aside from that, pretty much the same.

WP Engine Shared Hosting Features

  • Environment built for WordPress
  • Built in CDN except for the Personal plan
  • 3x Stevie Award Winner  for best customer service & support
  • Built using EverCache for speed and scalability
  • Highly secure WordPress environment

WP Engine Shared Hosting Highlights

Money Back Guarantee
60 Days
Local Storage
Other Features

WP Engine Shared Hosting Prices



WP Engine is definitely the best hosting solution when it comes to WordPress websites. However, the lack of plans like other companies have (VPS, reseller, cloud etc.) and the prices which are considerably higher than the other (not as good) solutions make you think that other solutions might work for you too and not only this dedicated WordPress solution.

Bottom line – if you choose to host your WordPress website with WP Engine, it would be a great choice.

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