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Last modified: March 4, 2020


The footer is the area at the bottom of a website. The footer is there to denote the end of a website and is a design element to act as a defining feature. The best footers also contain lots of information, even menus to help direct visitors to a website to other pages/important information.

In HTML, the footer is denoted by the code

<footer>This is a footer</footer>
A footer is often the same across all pages on a website, only changing on occasion when it is deemed necessary, but this is very rare.

Why Is It Important To Include A Footer On Your Website?

A footer is vital in website design because it is used by visitors and search engines to identify the end of a website’s page. It also has an aesthetic appeal, most of the time.

The footer can also be used to convey important information and navigational elements that need to be on each page. For instance, links to important pages (like home, shop, about and contact pages). You can also enter in information such as copyright notices and more within the footer pages.

How To Make Your Footer Unique

A unique footer on your page will help to engage audiences. You can add most content types to footers relatively easily, especially with page builders. You could have elements like videos, images and more within the footer.

Another common element inside the footer is a blog carousel. This is where the latest blog posts, sometimes with images, is displayed for the audience. The idea is that this is supposed to direct customers to your latest content.

However, it does serve a second purpose of letting search engines know that you’re updating your site with more content on a regular basis. This can help you raise the ranks and improve your site’s SEO.

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