The Top 10 WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


There are many businesses that need customers to book appointments. This might include masseuse, fitness coaches, business coaches and others. Appointments can be managed manually, by taking bookings over the phone, but this can sometimes cause challenges and the chance of mistakes is high. However, there is another option, and that is to use one of the many WordPress appointment booking plugins.

What Can WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins Do For Your Business?

There are many ways that your WordPress website can be improved by one of the WordPress appointment booking plugins. Firstly, it can make management of your schedule easier. No longer do you have to rely on entering information individually. Instead, you can have your website do the hard work for you. In addition, some of the best plugins can be compatible with WooCommerce to take payments. Some can do it themselves.

Another benefit is that it can be a way to showcase how popular you are. If you have some spaces booked up it creates a social proof that your services and time is valuable and others want it. Therefore, this can help to increase conversions. The more you’re booked up, the higher the urgency you can create for your services and the higher your conversion rate will be.

There are numerous options available for your business if you need a WordPress appointment booking plugin. So, here are some of the best available and our thoughts on them.

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Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

One of the most used booking plugins by sites online, this is one of the versatile free plugins that you can have. All you have to do is to place your availability and advertise your business and you can take books for your service immediately. And all of this is within a clean and smooth interface that won’t slow down your website.

It only takes a minute for your website visitors to check the availability of your services and then make a booking. There are also different ways you can extend the functionality of this plugin to make it more aligned to the needs of your business.

The interface and control is great, especially for a free plugin. You can set what days aren’t available and configure the style and colors of the calendar very easily. The plugin can also be integrated into any page or post, so you can advertise it anywhere you want with a simple shortcode.

Booking Calendar Highlights:

  • Free basic plugin to help you manage your appointments easily and cost effectively.
  • Premium addons available to extend the functionality of your website.
  • Supports Captcha to prevent spamming of the booking system.
  • Redirect those who have completed the booking process to a unique thank you page.

Booking Package

Booking Package

This free WordPress appointment booking plugin is a great choice for those who want to manage their bookings in a timely and effective manner. You can create an unlimited number of booking calendars for your site, so if you offer more than one service or have staff members, you have a simple way to control who is available and who is not. In addition, if a mistake has been made and the customer contacts you, there are options to enter a booking and make changes to the details.

When a booking is made, the customer will receive a confirmation email and you will be informed by an automatic email too. This also happens should someone cancel their booking. If the customer also wants to make another booking after one appointment, they don’t need to log on. They can tell you and you can make the booking for them through the admin dashboard.

In addition, if you want to limit people booking too close to a potential appointment time, you can set a deadline for bookings. Finally, you can set the thank you page for when a booking is made that the visitor is directed to.

Booking Package Highlights:

  • Get paid for bookings as they are made.
  • Free WordPress plugin to help manage your schedule.
  • Take manual bookings in person or on the phone as well as taken directly on the internet.
  • Registered users can save time when booking future appointments.

Webba Booking Lite

Webba Booking Lite

This simple, and easy to use, booking system is perfect for professionals to manage their time better. It allows customers to book online with ease, without too much hassle or configuration on your part.

However, there are lots of ways to customize the look of your booking system. There are 80 appearance options for your business and 79 design presets. The calendar is fully responsive, so it will appear great on any device. Business owners can also deny appointments by clicking on a single link within the notification email sent automatically.

Webba Booking Lite Highlights:

  • Free WordPress plugin to help you start collecting bookings immediately.
  • Can reject requests for appointment from within notification email.
  • Responsive so will display well on any device.
  • Can add appointments directly into the backend, so you can take telephone and in-person bookings too.

Final Thoughts: The Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

There are many different WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins that you can use. All have different advantages that might take your business to the next level. What you need to be sure of is that you are using the WordPress appointment booking plugin that is best suited for you and your customers.

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