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13 Doctor WordPress Themes Compared - 2021

Last modified: July 19, 2021


If you’re a doctor, you’ll have a very busy life. You’ll have a very demanding work load with patients and there are other responsibilities that are just as important. While you may have a very busy practice, it is highly recommended to have a website. This is to bring in new patients and customers to your brand. This is to help expand your practice as well as maintain revenues. In addition, a good Doctor’s website will help you with business operations. If you’re stuck on how to start building your website, these doctor WordPress themes will help you get started.

Doctor WordPress Themes Will Boost Your Business Without Slowing You Down

You’re probably very busy and feel taking on a website building project will be time consuming and stressful. However, these Doctor WordPress themes were designed so that website building takes minutes, not hours. These themes comes with numerous tools to help you create your one of a kind site with minimal stress and hassle. You may even find that designing and customizing your own site is fun. So let’s not waste another second, check out these themes.

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Docotorsline-Doctor Theme

Docotorsline-Doctor Theme

Next up of our doctor WordPress themes is the Doctorsline theme. This is the first free WordPress doctor theme we have and it is kind of interesting because it is a one page theme. This means that it can only make a one page website instead of a multi page site which is much more common. The Doctorsline WordPress theme has a responsive design so your site will look great from large desktop screens to tiny mobile ones.

This theme has a testimonial section for people to leave their comments and feedback which will help bring more validity to your practice and could increase your business. There is also WooCommerce compatibility so you can sell products as well on your website.

This is a child theme.

More Features of the Doctorsline Theme Are:

  • Custom menu
  • Translation ready
  • Theme options



This theme has been built with a mobile-first philosophy that allows it load quickly and be lightweight. Therefore, you can build a website that will perform well on any device. The theme includes more than 80 demos, including ones specifically build for medical businesses to help them get started. The demo sites include example pages, content and images that can be customized so they’re more aligned to your branding and business.

At the same time, the theme can load within one second and has a Google Page Speed of 100.

You can customize your site’s header and footer that allows you to change with a drag-and-drop builder for your site. There are also add-ons for the theme that can help you grow your business with WooCommerce, Blog and more boosters.

Neve Highlights:

  • Loads within one second.
  • Has a Google Page Speed of 100, that helps you to rank high.
  • Can have add-ons that can help you grow your business.
  • More than 80 demos that can help you get started within a minute.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have see the top doctor WordPress themes, we hope that creating your own site seems less daunting. Each of the themes featured are a good option, which one you choose will depend on what theme is best for your brand and has the right functions for you.

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