/Now Displaying SEMrush Results on Each Scan

Now Displaying SEMrush Results on Each Scan


It’s common knowledge that Scan WP detects WordPress themes and WordPress plugins used on any given WordPress website. However, how about taking it to the next level?

Scan WP – The Big Advantage

If you are an internet marketer, SEO specialist, PPC marketer, Social marketing guru or just a business / website owner, you have at least a few competitors. We all look at what our competitors do and try to understand how to do it even better. There are many categories of things we can look at and try to imitate, such as:

  • WordPress theme and plugin used
  • Web design
  • Keywords used
  • Adwords ads
  • Backlinks
  • etc.

Presenting SEMrush Results on Scan WP


Now, after preforming a search on Scan WP of a WordPress website, besides the results showing the WordPress theme and plugins being used, we show you results that can actually help you market your website while “spying” on your competitor’s WordPress website.

Assuming the information is available (some smaller websites don’t have available data), we will show you:

  • SEMrush rank
  • Estimated Organic Traffic
  • Estimated Adwords Traffic
  • Amount of Organic Keywords
  • Amount of Adwords Keywords
  • Top 10 Organic Competitors with additional information about each competitor
  • Top 10 Keywords the Site Ranks For
  • Top 10 Backlink Information

Needless to say that this kind of information will be able to benefit your marketing efforts greatly, so take advantage of this added value to your advantage.