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25 Political WordPress Themes

Last modified: October 9, 2018

Oh politics, while it is something many of us dread it is also something we can’t avoid, especially during election season. It used to be, back in the olden days when there were no internet or computers, that people would go around the country, town, area, county, or wherever it is, to campaign for themselves to be elected for whatever position it is that they want. There would be commercials, ads in newspapers, and radio spots, and billboards, and bus signs, the list goes on and on, and pretty soon it becomes unavoidable.

Election season is a very obvious time of year. But in today’s world we have all of those aspects to a campaign and then some. Thanks to the internet people running for elections now have an infinite number of ways to easily promote and spread the word about their campaign. Whether it is on social media or posting ads on websites, sending out email blasts and of course, have their own website to promote themselves and their platform. And now making a political website is easier than ever with political WordPress themes.

Political WordPress Themes Are for More Than Just Candidates

Even though you might think that a political WordPress theme would be meant to be used by a candidate running for a position, many of these themes can also be used for other kinds of sites within the political field. You can create a political blog, or maybe a donation site for your favorite candidate or just create a site to help promote yourself or the party you support. All of these political WordPress themes are equipped with a wide variety of different features and tools to help you easily start your political WordPress site. Deciding which theme you should use to get you started all depends on what kind of site you want to have and what you wan to accomplish.

Filter between free and paid


Politics-Free Political Theme


And last but not least we have come to number twenty five of our political WordPress themes with the very fitting theme name of Politics. The Politics theme is the first completely free theme option in our list and it is a theme that is optimized to be used for sites for: politicians, campaigns, government agencies, and political causes. The Politics theme has a responsive layout like our other themes so your site will still look great from large desktops to teeny tiny mobile phones. It is also translation ready so it can be translated into various other languages of your choice as well.

Other Features of the Politics Theme Are:

  • Custom colors
  • Custom menu
  • Several theme options
  • Sticky post

Final thoughts

So after reading this post are you excited to start creating your own political WordPress website? All of these political WordPress themes can make creating your site super easy and help make this difficult process much easier. So depending on what you want your site to be able to do and what features you want it to have will depend on which theme you ultimately decide to choose.

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