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Build a Web Page with Elementor Super Fast

Last modified: January 13, 2020


If you haven’t heard of Elementor yet, it’s about time you do. Elementor is the world’s best WordPress page builder, which enables those of you that have close to none code experience, the ability to build very professional looking websites without even knowing what HTML stands for.

In the upcoming posts, we will try and give you many tips on how to use Elementor to your advantage, by giving you all kinds of tips and just by explaining how to use many of its features.

In this post we are going to show you how to build a really professionally looking home page / landing page super fast.

First of all, for this tutorial and all of our tutorials, make sure you download Elementor pro, since that’s the version we are using which has many more features than the free version.

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Edit with Elementor

Assuming you have a working WordPress site and have downloaded Elementor as stated above, open a new post / page and click the blue “Edit with Elementor” button.

Edit with Elementor

Elementor Edit Page

After clicking on the blue button, you should see something like this. This is our clean slate. From this point we have many options we could choose from, however – on this tutorial I want to show you how to use Elementor page templates.

elementor edit page

Using an Elementor page template:

  1. Click on the gray “add template” button (on the right of the plus sign)
  2. Now you will see a massive library of page templates which should look something like this: elementor page templates
  3. Now just scroll through the page templates until you see a template that could work for you and click it
  4. Now you should see you chosen template in a nice overlay. If you like what you chose, just click the green “insert” button:

Our Elementor Built Page is Half Ready

Basically we should have a beautifully designed page ready at this point. What we still need to do is change the default text (and possibly images) to what we need.

Change Text On Elementor Page Template

Changing the text is really easy. All you need to do is click the text you want to change, look on the left sidebar and change the text in the appropriate area.

Here’s an example from my page:

change text

As you can see, there are many things you can change about the text. You can change it from an h2 (in my example) into an h3-h6, div, span, or p It’s alignment and many other advanced settings.


Change Images On Elementor Page Template

There is a slight difference between background images and regular images. In my next example I’m going to change a background image.

This image is an area background image, so all I have to do is hover above the area, click the 6 white dot icon as you can see in the image above, click the image on the left sidebar, and change the image like any other image on WordPress. Simple.

Change Regular Images

The only difference here is that we don’t need to hover above the area and click the 6 white dots icon, here we hover above the regular image, and click on the “edit image” icon. The rest is the same.

Our Elementor Page is Ready

That’s it! Wasn’t that easy?! We just built an entire page in a few minutes.

Keep tuned for more interesting Elementor tutorials in the future.


Building pages using Elementor page templates is super easy and fun! And most of all – it’s super fast!

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