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How to Change a WordPress Theme

How to Change a WordPress Theme

Last modified: April 17, 2022


Are you looking to change a WordPress theme on your website? It is a really simple process and it can really be an important step in the maintenance of your website. In this article, we look at why and how to change a WordPress theme.

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Why Change a WordPress Theme?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to change a WordPress theme. One of these reasons is that the old theme has not been updated in more than six months. This often means that it becomes incompatible with the current WordPress version and you might find there are security gaps within the theme coding.

In addition, it might mean there is no longer support from the developers of the theme. Therefore, if there is an issue, it will not be resolved by the audience.

So you might want to consider getting a new theme then. Some of the best include Soledad and others.

Another reason might be a change in your current direction for the business. You might have been looking at an eCommerce store at one point, but then at another time, be looking for a more physical store look.

A change in direction is something that can be made easier for audiences by a change of look on your website.

Another reason is that core plugins are not working with your website’s theme. You can sometimes get a developer to make changes, but at other times it isn’t possible and a new theme needs to be selected.

Why you Might Not Want to Change a WordPress Theme?

Changing a theme can have some negative impacts on your WordPress website. Google has hinted in conversations that changing a theme can result in a drop in your rank on the platform. Therefore, you might want to avoid making a change if it is possible.

Instead, you might want to try customizing your current theme to make the distinguishes that you want. If there is a coding error, there are WordPress developers who might be able to help you.

Or you might get a desired change in the style through a page builder.

How to Change a WordPress Theme

Regardless, there are times when you might have to change a WordPress theme. To do this, it’s very simple. You can simply log into your WordPress admin area, click on ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’. Then click on the option ‘Add New’ and either upload a new theme or search for one in the search box.

Once installed, you click on the ‘Activate’ button and the theme is automatically changed.

Final Word: How to Change a WordPress Theme

If you’re looking into how to change a WordPress theme, then above is the simple reasons why you should, shouldn’t and how to do it. It is a simple process and should take just a couple of minutes at most. However, be sure that you can’t achieve what you want from other means first.

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