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12 Retro WordPress Themes Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


There are so many different kinds of WordPress themes it is almost impossible to discuss them all. There are themes specific to online shops and eCommerce and there are themes for writers, themes for portfolios, themes for businesses and events, etc. the list is endless. WordPress themes are great because they all come with tons of tools and features to help you get your one of a kind website up and running.

An incredibly beneficial part of WordPress themes is that, for most of them, any body that can use a computer can effectively use a theme to build a site on their own. You do not need to be a tech wiz or have taken coding classes or have coding knowledge to use them. The themes are built with the intention to be used by basically anyone that wants to build a website, whatever the purpose may be. Today we are discussing different themes that all have one thing common, they are retro WordPress themes. They all have a vintage, retro, old school look to give your site personality.

Retro WordPress Themes Can Give Your Site a Unique Look

Many sites today are all about looking sleek, and modern but this is not necessarily a good look or the right look for every single new website. For example, if you are a small mom and pop store having a modern looking layout for your site might not best represent your company. Having a retro theme can show the personality of yourself, if your site for personal use, or your business. So if you are looking to have your site stand out and give it a look that will make it unique you should definitely consider using one of these retro WordPress themes to use to create your one of a kind site.

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MH Retromag-Free Blog/Magazine Theme

MH Retromag-Free Blog/Magazine Theme

We are getting our Retro WordPress Themes list started with the MH Retromag theme. This is a free blog, magazine, and news WP theme that is a great choice to use for creating retro magazines and vintage websites. This theme is translation ready so if you would like to translate your site into another language you will have the option to do so.

By doing this you can also help widen your audience and increase traffic to your site.  There is RTL (right to left) language support as well so you can also translate your site to languages like Arabic or Hebrew. The MH Retromag theme also has a premium version available should you ever need or want to upgrade and get extra features to use.

More Features of the MH Retromag Theme Include:

  • Theme options
  • Threaded comments
  • Custom header
  • Customer background

Monaco-Multi Concept Theme

Monaco – Vintage Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

We move on to the Monaco WP theme and it recently had an update so it is better than ever. This is a multi purpose and multi concept theme that has a vintage style. It comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin which will give you all of he tools you need to easily build and customize your site the way you want. It has a drag and drop tool which means that all you have to do to build your pages is move items around and just drop them where you want.

There is WooCommerce integration as well so your site will be able to manage a retail aspect should you want t include an online shop. The Monaco theme also comes with Contact Form 7 which will give you the ability to stay in touch and connected with your site’s subscribers. This is also a fully responsive and retina ready theme so your site will look great on any device.

More Features of Monaco Are:

  • One click sample data
  • CSS3 animations
  • Powerful admin interface
  • Blog layouts
  • Search engine optimization

90s Retro-Free Retro Theme

90s Retro-Free Retro Theme

Number ten of our retro WordPress themes takes the idea of giving your site a retro design very literally. This is a free WordPress theme that is geared towards creating blog websites. This theme’s design was created to give your site the look of an old website, like ones from the 90s (hence this theme’s name).

It has pixel fonts as well as neon colors, background music and animated GIFs. 90s Retro is a great theme choice for gamers, guilds, collectors, video game reviews, etc. This is a translation ready WP theme so you have the ability to translate your website into almost any language you could possible want or need. This will help to widen your site’s potential audience and drive up traffic.

More Features of the WP 90s Retro Theme Are:

  • Threaded comments
  • Custom background
  • Theme options
  • Sticky post

Final Thoughts

So after reading through this post have you decided that having an old school look may work for your design? These retro WordPress themes are all different and depending on what kind of site you are looking to build, like a portfolio or an eCommerce, will determine which theme you choose to use in the end. So know what kind of site you want to make before you choose a retro theme to use.

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