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WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Best 16 WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins Compared - 2023

Last modified: April 22, 2022


WordPress plugins are a very critical part of all of the great things WordPress has to offer. Plugins allow people to have more specific tools and features on their site that could be very useful to them. WordPress is known for being (overall) very simple and easy to use so that really anyone that is interested in building their own website will be able to do so without enormous expense and headache.

WordPress has tons of various plugins you can incorporate with your website which will allow you to have more elements, tools and features instead of relying only on the elements of the theme you choose to use. For example, maybe you want more security for your site or you want to have some sort of retail aspect, you would be able to do this by adding a plugin. And today’s plugin topic is WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins to make creating appointments much easier for both you and your user.

WordPress Booking Plugins Can Make Your Business More Organized

If you have a website for a business that requires people to make appointments using one of these WordPress booking  plugins will make your life so much easier and more organized. By setting up a system on your website your customers can book appointments at any time of day and not have to bother you or your employees during work hours to schedule a time. All they have to do is go on your website, see what dates and times are available and choose which ever is best for their schedule. Each of these WordPress appointment plugins all have similar features but it is up to you to decide which one will be the best match for your business and website. So let’s check ’em out so you can have your business running even more smoothly ASAP.

# Name Image
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Bookings Calendar-Allow Your Customers to Book Appointments
Bookings Calendar-Allow Your Customers to Book Appointments
More Info
WP Simple Booking Calendar-Show Your Summer Home's Availbility
WP Simple Booking Calendar-Show Your Summer Home's Availbility
More Info
Easy Appointments-Manage Your Bookings
Easy Appointments-Manage Your Bookings
More Info
WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress
More Info
Team Booking
Team Booking - WordPress booking system
More Info
BookingPress WordPress Booking Plugin
More Info
BirchPress Scheduler-Book Appointments Online
Premium WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin
More Info
HBook-Hotel Booking Plugin
HBook - Hotel booking system - WordPress Plugin
More Info
WPForms-Form Builder
WPForms-Form Builder
More Info
Amelia-Booking Manager
Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin
More Info
Bookly Pro-Appointment Booking WP Plugin
Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System
More Info
Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress
More Info
Sagenda – Free booking system
More Info
Webba Booking-Appointments and Reservations Plugin
Webba Booking - WordPress Appointment & Reservation plugin
Not Available
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Bookings Calendar-Allow Your Customers to Book Appointments

Bookings Calendar-Allow Your Customers to Book Appointments

We are getting our WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins list started with the Booking Calendar plugin. This plugin will allow you to have a booking system for your website. All you have to do is show your availability and people can create bookings for your property or service.

The visitors of your site will be able to do things such as: check availability of a property, or a service you offer, etc. and then book an appointment. Your customers will be able to: choose a day or days in the calendar, fill in booking form fields, and submit a booking. You, as the administrator, will receive an email notification about a new booking and choose to approve or decline the booking.

More Features of the Booking Calendar Plugin Are:

  • Flexible functionality
  • Calendars are customizable
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Responsive front end and back end design
  • Timeline
  • Booking calendar blocks

And for more info check out this video.

WP Simple Booking Calendar-Show Your Summer Home's Availbility

WP Simple Booking Calendar-Show Your Summer Home's Availbility

The WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin is all about displaying the availability of whatever it is you are offering. For instance if you are showing the availability of your summer home or bed and breakfast or your moving truck, etc. you can do it with this plugin. This WP plugin also recently had an update and it is now better than ever.

The focus of this plugin is really to show when your holiday home, or something similar, is available for rent. However, the WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin can also be used as a shift calendar or for showing the availability of a room, etc. A really great and useful feature of this plugin is that you can “easily export the data from your calendars to Airbnb, Flip Key, Google Calendar, and other websites”. There is a premium version available as well should you decide you need or want more features.

Other Features of WP Simple Booking Calendar Are:

  • Create one calendar
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Displays availability
  • Language translation options using PO files

Easy Appointments-Manage Your Bookings

Easy Appointments-Manage Your Bookings

Next up of our WordPress booking plugins is the Easy Appointments plugin. This plugin is jam packed with tons of incredibly helpful tools, so many you may not know what to do with them all. All you have to do is add this plugin to your site and you will be able to manage your appointments with ease. A great feature of this plugin is that there is support for translations so you can either create your own, or use one that already exists such as: German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish and Portuguese.

There are extension plugins you can buy to use with Easy Appointments as well, including: PayPal, WooCommerce, iCalendar, Google calendar, and Twilio SMS notifications. There is also a resposnive layout for the appointment form so no matter what kind of device your user is viewing the form on, it will always look great.

Other Features of Easy Appointments Include:

  • Custom form fields
  • Labels
  • Email notifications
  • Custom admin email
  • Flexible time table
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WPForms-Form Builder

WPForms-Form Builder

Next up we have a plugin that is not booking specific but it can help you with your website bookings.  WPforms is really a form builder that is a very powerful choice for creating forms so you will have the ability to create a booking form. It has a drag and drop tool that will allow you to build your own unique forms with ease. All you have to do is drag items around and drop them wherever you want to on your form, it is actually that simple.

You can create many different kinds of forms such as: subscription forms, payment forms, contact forms, and many more. WPForms is considered to be one of the most user friendly WordPress form builders on the market thanks to its pre-built form templates and workflows. This plugin is mobile responsive so it can work correctly on small mobile phone screens.

More Features of the WPForms Plugin Include:

  • Search engine optimized friendly
  • Smart conditional logic
  • Spam protection
  • Receive payments for your bookings
  • Multi-page forms
  • Post submissions


Sagenda – Free booking system

And last but not least of our WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins we have come to a free plugin called Sagenda. Sagenda will work with your WP site to allow you clients to be able to book appointments and meetings with you through your website. Since this plugin is an online booking system, your customers can choose a date and time for an appointment depending on their own preferences.

Your customers will have two choices for paying on your website with Sagenda. One, is they can pay through PayPal the other choice is that they can just pay with their credit card and Sagenda accepts several such as: Visa, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club and more. The Sagenda WP plugin does have a shortcode which will allow you to use it in any page or post on your website. Note that you must make a Sagenda account to use the plugin but it is free to create and have an account.

Final Thoughts

So now that you see how much easier your life can be by having one of these WordPress booking plugins on your site are you excited to use one? It will allow your business to be much more organized if appointments can be made by your customers themselves on your site. Gone are the days when you need to call or go to an establishment to see what times they have open, now your customers can just go on the web whenever they please and choose the time and date that works best for them.

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