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12 WordPress Team Plugins Compared - 2019

Last modified: October 22, 2019


Even if you are not super familiar yet with WordPress you have probably heard of WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. WordPress themes will help you build you site from the ground up with tools and features to help you make a one of a kind site designed the way you want. Now of course not all themes are created equal and even if you choose a theme that is a great option for the kind of site you want to make, there is a good chance that it will not hit every single one of you check boxes for what you want on your site, or maybe something comes up later that you would like to add and incorporate. This is where the WordPress plugins come in. WordPress plugin are each very specific and they offer a specific set of extra tools and features for you to add on to the site you have created with your theme of choice. Just like how there are tons of different themes, well there are also tons of different plugins. And today we are discussing WordPress team member plugins that will allow you to do things like add info about each staff member.

WordPress Team Plugins Showcase Each Member’s Info and Build Connection with Customers

So if you have been looking for a way to showcase all the members of your team somewhere on your company’s website, the look no further than the WordPress team plugins to help you get started. All of these plugins will allow you to show off the staff of your company but some offer a bit more than others. If you are super into customizing some give more customizing tools or organizing tools so each one is a bit different from the rest. So see which one is the right plugin for your site.


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Team Showcase-Display Your Team Members

Team Showcase-Display Your Team Members

Next up is a free WordPress team plugin, the very appropriately name Team plugin. This plugin is “pure HTML and CSS3 responsive” so it should have no problem working on any device no matter how big or small its screen may be. You will be able to do various things like: show team member profiles, links to social media, widgets and this plugin can be used with most WP themes.

This plugin has drag and drop sorting for the social icons so you will be able to easily move them around the page and drop them wherever you want them to go. There is also custom CSS for each team grid. The Team WP plugin also has a pro version available as well should you want to purchase it and have more features available.

Other Features of the Team Plugin Are:

  • Custom slug for team members
  • Pagination support
  • Query order
  • Background image for team area

Employee Spotlight-Showcase Your Employees/Founders/Staff

Employee Spotlight-Showcase Your Employees/Founders/Staff

Next up of our WordPress team plugins is the Employee Spotlight plugin. This plugin is an employee management system. By using Employee Spotlight you will be able to do various things such as: display your employees, team members, staff, founders, partners and more. You can post a picture and a bio of each person that works for your company so you can develop a more personal connection with your customers .

There are five different ways for you to show your team member or staff profiles: employee circle grid, employee circle panel grid, stacked view, profile view, recent and featured team members. You will also be able to have a lot of customizing ability with the Employee Spotlight plugin by using its settings to better match your site’s look. This plugin does have a pro version available if you feel you need more features.

Check out this video for more info on Employee Spotlight.

Team Members-Responsive Team Plugin

Team Members-Responsive Team Plugin

We have reached number five of our WordPress Team plugins list with the free Team Members WordPress plugin. This plugin is completely responsive so no matter what kind of device your user is using to access your site, your content will always look great. Team Members has shortcodes to make designing your site possible with needing you to have any coding knowledge.

You will be able to display the members of your team along with their profile info with social media links. The WordPress Team Members plugin can also work with any WP theme so if you already have a WP site running this plugin should still work with it. And it is cross browser compatible as well so it can work on popular web browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Other Features of the Team Members Plugin Are:

  • Developer friendly and easy to customize
  • Automatic shortcode generator
  • Custom post type with category

Cherry Team Members-Show Your Team Members' Profiles

Cherry Team Members-Show Your Team Members' Profiles

The Cherry Team Members WP plugin makes it very easy for businesses to show info about their team and staff and personnel. It comes with lots of different tools and options that will allow for the adjustment of the employees’ profiles to fit their skills and position of each staff member.

A great perk of this WordPress plugin is that it can work with with Elementor page builder plugin so you can use this page builder to also help build the rest of your site. There are many shortcodes as well with Cherry Team Members so you should have an easy time using this plugin even if you are not so tech savvy.

More Features of the Cherry Team Members WP Plugin Are:

  • Select team archive page
  • Select template for single team member page
  • Set posts number per archive page

AMO Team Showcase-Responsive Team Plugin

AMO Team Showcase-Responsive Team Plugin

The AMO Team Showcase WP plugin gives you the tools to easily present your team and staff members along with profiles detailing description, skills,  and links to social media. This is a fully responsive plugin so it will work great on any kind of device your user might be using, even teeny tiny mobile ones.

This plugin will add an AMO team section to the admin panel which will allow you to create team members, assign them to categories, add their images, bios, skills, social links and more. It is fully translatable with POT files included and support for right to left languages so you should be able to translate your site into almost any language you want. Of course there are also some shortcodes so you will be able to have no trouble using this plugin even if you have no coding skills.

More Features of the AMO Team Plugin Are:

  • Widget to show members in sidebars
  • Clean design
  • Options panel
  • 2 different styles for member thumbnails

Team Builder-Easily Display your Team

Team Builder-Easily Display your Team

Our next team plugin is kind of cool because it is not only a team plugin but it is also a team management plugin. The team Builder plugin is great because it has a drag and drop builder, this means that creating your content will be incredibly easy. All you will have to do is drag items around the page and drop them wherever it is you want them to go, no headache, no hassle.

You will be able to build an amazing showcase for you team members in no time. This WP plugin is fully responsive as well so your site will have no trouble working from large desktop screens to tiny mobile ones. There is also custom CSS so you can make a special custom design. There are also shortcodes so even if you have no coding knowledge or experience at all you can still use this plugin effectively. It is browser compatible as well so your site can work on most popular web browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome.

More Features of the Team Builder Plugin Are:

  • Slick front end and back end UI
  • Endless color scheme
  • Bootstrap framework based
  • There is a pro version if you want more features

Team Members- Showcase Your Employees

Team Members- Showcase Your Employees

What the Team Members WordPress plugin will do is add a teams section to your admin panel so you will be able to showcase your staff or employees on your website. You will be able to add a member and their picture, bio, social links, position, etc. and reorder them whenever you want and display it anywhere on your website.

This team plugin is responsive so it will format to fit any size screen from large desktops to tiny mobile phones. There is a simple shortcode as well so you can effectively use the Team Members plugin without having any coding knowledge at all. There is a pro version of this plugin as well should you want or need to have more features available to you.

Team WD-Responsive Team Plugin

Team WD-Responsive Team Plugin

And we have arrived at number ten of our WordPress Team plugins with the Team WD plugin. With this WordPress plugin you will be able to do various things like: list your employees, create a staff directory, and allow your site visitors to get in touch with members of you staff directly. You can customize each team member by adding: bio info, social media links, email, availability hours, and more.

You can also add categories and subcategories to simplify the staff page and make it more organized for users. There is also an intuitive drag and drop tool so you can move staff members around the page. There is also an option for users to click “More” for each staff member, This will lead them to a separate profile page for that member. There are also language options for translating the plugin into other languages. And there is a pro version of this plugin as well should you want or need more features.

TLP Team-Showcase Your Team

TLP Team-Showcase Your Team

The Team plugin is another WordPress plugin that is responsive so this plugin can work on and format to fit any device and any screen size. This plugin is pretty customizable from the admin end. You will be able to do things like: add team members, set a primary color, choose image size, and more.

There is a shortcode generator with the Team plugin so even if you are a bit tech challenged you should still have no trouble using this plugin successfully and correctly. For each of your team members you will be able to add: a bio, an image, his name, position etc. By using the shortcodes you will be able to create one of five different layouts to use for formatting your different team members on your website.

For more info on the Team WordPress plugin check out this video.

GS Team-Responsive Plugin

GS Team-Responsive Plugin

And the last of our WordPress team plugins is the GS Team plugin. This plugin is known as one of the best responsive team member plugin for WordPress to be used to showcase various things such as: an image of the team member, his name, designation and social media links. By using the shortcodes that come with this plugin you will be able to display this content anywhere on your site that you want.

There are tons of different layouts available to display your team’s info like: Horizontal, table, grid, circle, list and much more. This is a search engine optimized plugin so your site will be ranked higher in relevant online search results, drawing in more traffic to your site. The GS Team plugin can also support modern web browsers so it will work on: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Other Features of GS Team Are:

  • W3C valid markup
  • Add unlimited members
  • Different column options

And this plugin has a pro version as well if you want more features.

Final Thoughts

Well now that you have seen these WordPress team plugins back to back we hope you have found one that can work for you. Every plugin is like a snowflake, no two are quite alike but all of these plugins will help you accomplish the main purpose of being able to show off your awesome team to the world.

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