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How to Fix the ‘WordPress Sidebar is Appearing Below the Content’ Error

How to Fix the ‘WordPress Sidebar is Appearing Below the Content’ Error

Last modified: January 22, 2021


Sidebars are an important aspect of any website design. They’re there to help the website visitor to move between pages and get more information. You can put all kinds of functions within the sidebar, such as a search facility, social icon or disclaimers.

They can also be used to add interesting images and videos to your pages that can help sell your brand, products and images.

However, there are times when you might find that the WordPress sidebar is placed in a really poor location. It could appear below your main page content, which devalues its usefulness. It could also make your page look less impressive, reduce conversions and lead to poor revenues for your site.

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What Causes the ‘WordPress Sidebar is Appearing Below the Content’ Error

There are numerous reasons why there might be an error that is causing the WordPress sidebar to move to another position on the screen.

The most common result is that you have a misused

tags. This is normally within one or more of the theme’s files. Another option is that there is a conflict between your theme and a plugin, normally when you have a plugin that makes changes to the widgets or the design of your store.

If you’ve recently updated or added a new plugin or theme, then this is the likely cause and you can quickly fix the error.

Another problem might be more related to the browser being used. Some themes will have a different appearance on other browsers. Therefore, you might need to check that your sidebar is displaying consistently across browsers.

How to Fix the ‘WordPress Sidebar is Appearing Below the Content’ Error

When it comes to fixing the error there are few things that you must do. The first, as mentioned, is to view your website across numerous browsers. Then you can see if the theme design is consistent. If it is not, then you might need to think about changing the theme or not.

If the website design is consistent, then you need to check the last few updates that were done on your website. The first thing to do is to disable any new themes and plugins that you’ve added just before you noticed that the sidebar is displaying below the content. Disable everything one at a time and inbetween each plugin/theme disabled, check whether or not the sidebar is now correctly positioned.

If there is a theme/plugin that has been changing the position of the plugin. You can then replace the plugin/theme or speak to the developers to correct the error. The developers of most themes will look into the error and release a general fix that will solve the problem. However, you will often find that the developers will be aware of the problem and will have fixed it earlier.

Final Word: How to Fix the ‘WordPress Sidebar is Appearing Below the Content’ Error

When it comes to the sidebar, you want it to appear at the side of your content, not below it. Therefore, you need to fix the problem if your sidebar is not appearing in the right place. Often it is result of a wrong tag or WordPress plugin. Correct this and your website should look aesthetically pleasing again.

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