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How To Edit The Sidebar On WordPress

How To Edit The Sidebar On WordPress

Last modified: June 25, 2020


The sidebar on WordPress is an important sales point on your website. It can help direct customers to specific downloadable resources,mailing lists or something else that is important to your business. Editing your sidebar is very easy in WordPress and requires you to visit the ‘Widgets’ area of your WordPress website.

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Step 1 – Widgets Page

The first step is to go to your ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Widgets’ option in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 – Add A Widget

Widgets are a bit of code that add functionality to your WordPress’ sidebar. For instance, an ‘Image Widget’ adds an image, while a ‘Button Widget’ will add a button. You can simply click, drag and drop a widget into the sidebar option on this screen.

Once it’s located on your sidebar, you can edit the widget using the options within the widget controls.

Step 3 – Reposition A Widget

To reposition or reorder the widgets within the sidebar, all you need to do is drag and drop the widgets.

Step 4 – Deleting A Widget

If you need to delete a widget, you can open up the information on the widget within the sidebar area. At the bottom of the specific widget will be the option ‘Delete’, click on this.

Final Word

The sidebar is an important piece of content on your website. Don’t forget to edit it so it looks aesthetically pleasing as this will help convert visitors to your site into leads or customers.

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