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25 WordPress Themes for Writers

Last modified: September 5, 2018

Calling all writers, authors, bloggers, or anyone that just loves to express their creativity through the art of words, you may want to read the following article. Having a creative writing site of any kind, but especially blogs is becoming an increasingly popular activity in today’s digital and technically advancing world. People can now easily share their creative or even professional writing work with the world for free and also under their full control. You no longer need to be published in an article or magazine or newspaper to get noticed, which can be incredibly time consuming to do, you just need to focus on your content and build up an online following for your site. Now I know some of you may be thinking that it is not so easy to build a blog or any other kind of writing site that is a success but it can be much easier than people may realize. With one of these WordPress themes for writers, even those of you with minimal computer skills, can still build their dream blog or site for posting their personal writing creations.

WordPress Themes for Writers – Get your Dream Blog up and Running

I’m so glad you asked! To begin with, each WordPress theme is different and can therefore offer you different features and assistance. Some of the following themes for writers may have a few overlapping features but at the end of the day there will be one that can give you everything or almost everything you are looking for to make your blog a success. These themes come with  loads of tools to help you get noticed in the very cluttered and overwhelming world wide web and create a site that displays your work in the best way possible.


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The Amadeus theme is a WordPress blog theme. This theme is fully responsive so your site will look great on all different types of devices and all different screen sizes. It comes with clean and validated code so you only need the bare minimum of HTML or PHP coding knowledge to edit and use this code to customize your site. A great perk of Amadeus is that it has localization. What does that mean? Localization means that your site does not have to be written in English, you can easily translate the text on your site to almost any other language without adjusting the source code. This WordPress theme can also work across a variety of web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other major web browsers.

The Amadeus WordPress theme has a bit more to offer including:

  • A theme options panel
  • Video Embedding
  • A social header


If you are in almost any creative field, whether it be: writing, photography, or maybe you are an artist or you just want to blog about movies or fashion or health, then look no further than the WordPress Verbosa theme to help you bring your creative endeavors to life. This theme is very focused on its simplistic and elegant design and layout. This is beneficial because it will allow the content you create and post to be clearly noticed and be the focus of your site. Verbosa also has fluid layouts and a responsive design and it uses microdata and microformats to give your site the best SEO results. Verbosa can also support RTL (right to left) languages and is translation ready so your website’s audience will not be limited to English speakers.

More features of the WordPress Verbosa theme are:

  • Support for Google fonts
  • More than 100 social icons
  • A customizer
  • Social menus


The Wisteria WordPress theme has a very modern looking design for a blog or magazine site. The design is also responsive so your site will look just as good on any type of device and on any screen size. This WordPress theme’s design is also clean, versatile and simple so there will be nothing to distract your users from the star of the show, your fabulous content.

This is the first multipurpose theme we have seen from our WordPress themes for writers list and it is specially designed for: freelancers, photographers, creatives, writers, authors and bloggers. It is also fully optimized for businesses, agencies, video services,photography, eCommerce and any other type of niche industries. Lastly, the Wisteria WordPress theme was built on clean HTML5 and CSS3 code so you know it will run well and is up to date.

Monstroid 2 Lite

Monstroid 2 Lite is the free version of the multipurpose theme WordPress theme, Monstroid 2. This theme also comes with a live customizer so you can customize your site with a variety of theme options and be able to see these adjustments live in real time.

The theme also comes with typography and Google fonts so you can not only customize colors and images and other elements but your text as well. The Monstroid 2 Lite theme also comes with clean, valid and well documented code so your site will run great and look great. Monstroid 2 Lite is licensed under GPL3 which allows you to have certain freedoms and benefits.

Should you want even more features you can get the paid version of this theme, Monstroid 2 theme, which is also great for eCommerce ad online publishing.


This next WordPress theme for writers is a perfect multipurpose theme to make your content, be it text or images, pop. This theme will provide your blog with a minimalistic and white design so your text can be easily read without distraction. It is super simple and easy to set up so eve if you are a little tech challenged you can still get your blog up and running.

The Responsiveness theme is also search engine optimization friendly and has SEO optimized code so your site will show up high in search results to bring you more site visitors and users. There is also retina optimization for images and reading experience optimization. There are endless colors to choose from and play around with so you can get your blog looking just right. So whether you are a photographer, a blogger of food, travel, lifestyle, fitness, etc. or you just want an online platform to show your talent then get started on your next project with Responsiveness.


The Newsbuzz WordPress theme is a relatively new WordPress magazine theme and it is the first magazine theme of our WordPress themes for writers list. So no matter what type of topics you like to write about whether it is: fashion, fitness, travel, health, music, technology, etc. this theme can help you make an amazing site to show off any kind of your written work. A great aspect of this theme is that it comes with sidebar widgets so you can use tools like adsense for you to include ads on your pages and improve your site with affiliate marketing. The Newsbuzz theme is also SEO optimized so your site has a good chance of getting noticed among the clutter in online search results.

The NewsBuzz WordPress theme comes with a few more features including:

  • Easy setup
  • Translation ready
  • Footer widgets
  • Threaded comments
  • Responsive design
  • And loads of customizable options like the header, background colors and more


Next up we have BlogKori, which you may be able to tell by its name, is a blogging WordPress theme. This theme is also minimalist and has a completely responsive design so your site will look great from desktop to mobile screens. It can be used for either: personal blogs, business blogs or photography blogs. So if you want to create a blog to write about any topic: fashion, news, health and wellness, design, it doesn’t matter what the topic is, the BlogKori theme can help you out. With this theme you can add images to your blog posts to make them more visually appealing and eye catching. And you can customize loads of elements of your blog site like: the header, background, logo and there are countless color options for you to play with as well.

The BlogKori WordPress blog theme has a few more features including:

  • Search Engine Optimization friendly
  • Sticky post
  • Threaded comments option
  • Typography
  • Google Analytics tracking box
  • Drop down menus


The Lighthouse WordPress theme is a modern and simple theme with a responsive design so you site will look just as great on big, small and in between screen sizes. It was designed to be used for magazines sites or news sites on any topic. But, while Lighthouse was made to be a news/magazine site you can also use it for a blog or portfolio and you can even create landing pages if you are using this theme for a company. A nice perk of this theme is that you can use ads with things like adsense to affiliate your marketing. And because of Lighthouse’s minimal, simple and clean design it is reading friendly which is exactly what you should want in a theme to make a writing focused website.

The Lighthouse WordPress theme also comes with some other features such as:

  • Widgets
  • Header image
  • And it is SEO optimized for both Google and Bing.

Structure Lite

The Structure Lite is a WordPress page builder theme and the first of its kind in our list of WordPress themes for writers. It is also multipurpose so it can be used for a variety of purposes and it has a minimal design. How this theme works is that it uses the Organic Customizer Widgets plugin to convert the WordPress customizer into a page builder. You can then use the custom widgets inside the customizer for content sections to show things like: testimonials (to bring more credibility to your site),  pricing tables, team members and so much more. It is super easy to use these widgets because you can just drag and drop them to wherever you want the to go on your pages.

More features of the WordPress Structure Lite theme include:

  • A responsive design
  • Translation ready
  • Various customizable elements like the header, logo, menu and background
  • And threaded comments


The Brigsby theme is a WordPress theme for: travel, local businesses, education, and of course writing and personal blogging and much more. This theme has a flexible layout that is highly customizable so it is great for anyone that likes to focus on detail and has a very specific idea for how they want their website to look. Brigsby is also Search Engine Optimized friendly so people will be able to more easily find you in online search results.

It is a lightweight theme so load time will be fast which is great for keeping your users happy and it is responsive so your site will look great from desktop to mobile. The design of this theme is clean, white and minimal so it is a great platform for showing off you content. The Brigsby WordPress theme can also work with many of the popular plugins such as: Jetpack, WooCommerce, Contact form 7, and Google Maps or other Google Maps plugins.

Clean Journal

Number 21 of our WordPress themes  for writers list is Clean Journal. This theme is really all about writing and it is perfect for bloggers, small businesses and writers. This WordPress theme’s design is responsive so your site will work just as well on any type of device and any screen size. Clean Journal is already available with translation in: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, German and Chinese. so if you want your site to be in one of these languages then you are totally covered. What is cool and interesting about this theme is that it has a Promotion Headline you can customize on your page if you want to make your audience aware of a promotion .

The Clean Journal WordPress theme also comes with a theme customizer which allows those of you who love to focus on detail be able to customize: icons, menus, breadcrumbs, layout, pagination, slider, widgets, and a whole lot more.


The WordPress Medium theme for writers is built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework which means this theme was built in mind to be very tablet and mobile phone friendly. It has a very clean and elegant looking design so your site will look professional. The Medium theme was designed for professional bloggers and writers but it can also be used for corporate websites.

It is also search engine optimized friendly so your site will show up high in the rankings of online search results which will lead to more site visitors and therefore more views. There are also several theme options for Medium that allow you to manage a wide variety of items on your site. This theme is translation ready so people from all over the world will be able to read and understand your site and its content. Lastly, Medium uses the latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Final Thoughts

So now that you have checkout these amazing WordPress themes for writers are super excited to get started? With one of these themes you will now have the ability to create your own personal website to showcase your own written content exactly how you want it to be displayed. You are in charge of getting your content out into the world on your own terms, so get writing and get your website started today.

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