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12 Best Watch Store Themes Compared - 2024

Last modified: May 28, 2023


Having one’s own shop and running their own business, is a dream and goal that many people have. Whether it is a brick and mortar store or  an elite boutique or an eCommerce, many people fantasize about having their own business. However, this is a big task to undertake and there are many obstacles that people have to handle in the process of getting their business up and running. With this article, we hope to make that process a bit easier when it comes to eCommerce sites by providing a list of the best watch store themes.

When you have an actual, brick and mortar store, you need to do things like pay for rent, pay lots of employees, the electricity bill, etc. As these expenses are increasing over time and the trend nowadays is more digital, people are turning away from opening brick and mortar stores and looking towards the internet to start their own eCommerce websites. Having an online site can be much easier to handle and manage than an actual store. But even though it is easier to deal with, if you don’t know much about computers, how are you supposed to create your own eCommerce site?

Watch Store Themes Can Make Creating Your ECommerce Much Easier

Creating an online shopping site from scratch can sound like a huge undertaking. Even for those of you that have at least some knowledge and coding skills, starting an eCommerce from scratch is still a huge project. By using one of these watch store themes you will have a much easier time building and customizing your site exactly to your liking. And what is great about most of these themes is that even if you have minimal to no coding knowledge, you can still correctly and effectively use these themes to create your own one of a kind website.

# Name Image
Watches-Watch Store Theme
Watches Responsive WooCommerce Theme
More Info
Jewelry & Watches-Jewelry Store Theme
Jewelry & Watches Online Store WordPress Theme
More Info
Watches Shop-Responsive Theme
Watches Shop Magento Theme
More Info
The Luxury-WooCommerce Theme for Luxury Products
The Luxury - Dark/Light Responsive WordPress Theme
More Info
SNS Kalolia-Fashion Shopping Theme
SNS Kalolia - Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme
More Info
Tequila-Multi-purpose WooCommerce Theme
Tequila | Unique Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme
More Info
eClassy-Premium eCommerce
eClassy - eCommerce Classy Pro WordPress Theme
More Info
Quartz-Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
Quartz - Responsive Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
More Info
Relic Fashion Store-Free WP Theme
Relic Fashion Store-Free WP Theme
More Info
Zoo Everest-Premiu WooCommerce Theme
Zoo Everest-Premiu WooCommerce Theme
More Info
LZ Fashion-Free eCommerce Theme
LZ Fashion-Free eCommerce Theme
More Info
Appa-Electronics and Watches eCommerce Theme
Appa - Modern Electronics and Watches WooCommerce WordPress Theme
More Info
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Relic Fashion Store-Free WP Theme

Relic Fashion Store-Free WP Theme

The Relic Fashion Store theme is another general WooCommerce WordPress theme. Which means that this theme can be used for any kind of online shop that would sell things such as: clothing, technology, jewelry, shoes, and of course watches. Relic Fashion Store is easy to use and has a responsive design so your site can format to fit any size screen from large desktops to tiny mobile phones.

It is translation and multilanguage ready as well which is great if you ever want or need to translate your website’s content for any reason. The Relic Fashion Store theme is also search engine optimized friendly so your site will be easier to notice in online search results and it is cross browser compatible as well so your site should work on most popular web browsers.

More Features of the Relic Fashion Store Theme Are:

  • Footer widgets
  • Threaded comments
  • Blog
  • Custom background
  • Wishlist

LZ Fashion-Free eCommerce Theme

LZ Fashion-Free eCommerce Theme

Next up we have the LZ Fashion WordPress theme. This is the another free  watch store theme on our list and it is another theme that is for creating websites relating to fashion in general so it is not just a good choice for watches but you can also use it for clothing, jewelry, handbags, anything fashion that you can think of.

The LZ Fashion theme is also very flexible and can be used to create a fashion blog as well. It has a fully responsive design so no matter what kind of device your user is using to access your site, your content will always look great and your site will format to fit the screen correctly. LZ Fashion is search engine optimized as well so your site will show up high in relevant online search results and it is cross browser compatible so it will work on most popular web browsers.

Other Features of LZ Fashion Are:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Right to left language support
  • Threaded comments

Final Thoughts

So now that you have seen these 12 watch store themes back to back have you figured out the right one for you? You may have noticed that there are a lot of overlapping features with the themes but each one is slightly different from the rest. Make sure to take your time and figure out which one will suit as many of your needs as possible so you can make the best eCommerce watch store possible.

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