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How Do I Make Money From My WordPress Site?

How Do I Make Money From My WordPress Site?

Last modified: May 25, 2020


Whether you’re new to business, or new to owning a website, monetization (earning money) of your website should be a consideration. There are numerous ways that you can earn a living using a WordPress website. In this article, we’ll look at the various options open to you.

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1. Selling Merchandise/Products/Services

The first and most obvious option is to sell something on your website. This is a quick and simple solution. You can use WooCommerce or another program to list products and sell them to customers. PayPal and Stripe accounts can be used to collect payments and then you can ship products to your customers.

You can also sell services or digital products online.

2. Membership/Subscription

Membership sites are very popular. You create a unique product (information, documents, videos, software, games, etc.) that people will be willing to pay regularly for. If you have significant knowledge within one area, or like to report the news within a niche, you can set up a membership for these.

Subscriptions can also be set up for things like access to software, digital products, etc.. This is a great way to earn money as you’ll get a regular income that is predictable. Plus you can raise in the ranks of Google because you’ll have high levels of returning customers which are important for ranking on search engines.

3. Advertising

A common option is advertising. There are two types of advertising, PPC advertising and display advertising. PPC advertising is when you link to Google Ad Network or a similar program and you display adverts they determine. When a user clicks on an advert on your site, you get some money. Usually, the revenue from this is just cents per click and it can take hundreds of clicks to earn a steady and good revenue.

The other option is to arrange the advertising yourself. This is when you have spaces on your website which businesses can use to place adverts. You can set the price and duration for the adverts. This is a great option if you run a local or niche website that has specific set of suppliers/customers. However, you would need to prove that your advertising options are worthwhile, so you will need to build high levels of traffic first.

4. Sponsorship

Sometimes you can get third-parties to sponsor content on your website. This is when they, or you, write a blog post/page and the third-party pay you for publishing and promoting it. This again requires you to setup significantly large amounts of traffic before your site becomes valuable enough.

Sponsorship is often more found on video content than on blog posts. But it is an option that can help you earn some revenue.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you create content which links to a third party that sells a product/service. If the visitor who has followed that link makes a purchase, you’re given a commission. There are lots of businesses that operate affiliate networks and they can be very useful for earning lots of revenues. Affiliate marketing is also very good because you can choose the deals you want to promote and when.

The top affiliate marketers can earn lots of money, but there are some that don’t earn much at all.

Final Word

There are various ways to use your WordPress website to earn a living. Sometimes, one option isn’t the best. That’s when you can use a combination of the above to create a revenue stream that can make your website your primary source of income. Which option will you use?

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