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10 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared - 2021

Last modified: July 18, 2021


Tables on websites are great for displaying information for visitors. It can be either different services, product comparisons or statistical information. There are a lot of lessons online that teach you how to implement tables on a website using HTML, but results can look very unappealing. And if you aren’t good or experienced at coding, the results can be very disheartening. That is why you need to use one of the many WordPress Table Plugins.

What Do WordPress Table Plugins Do?

The main purpose of the WordPress Table plugins is to create a table outside of the main page and then using a shortcode, or other item, insert this onto the page. There are many advantages of using WordPress table plugins over manual coding. The first being the design possibilities. Coding a table often results in a bland design that doesn’t add any aesthetically pleasing element to your website. Plugins often include templates that have unique, color designs to catch the attention of the audience. Or they might have a drag and drop builder like some themes can use.

The second advantage is that one table can be created through your WordPress dashboard and this can then be applied on numerous pages/blog posts. This is a great way to save time, maintain a consistent feel across your website and be confident in the information being presented.

Finally, many WordPress table plugins include a preview button that allows you to see how the table will look on your website. Some might even offer you this view in real time. However, when you’re manually coding a table, you have to publish it first before seeing the final outcome. This can be really bad if you’ve made a small mistake early on.

What Do You Need To Look For In A WordPress Table Plugin?

There are many elements that you might want to look for in a WordPress table plugin. For instance, you might want to have a pricing table. This would require you to list prices and a call-to-action button that increases conversions. However, if you want to display statistical information, you might just want a basic table layout.

You also need to know whether you’re getting a table that will look good on mobile devices. A vast majority of website visits are now taking place on mobile devices. Therefore, you need to look at this. If a table is not readable on mobile devices, it will completely devalue your website, products/services and your branding. It might also mean that you lose some potential long term, and valuable customers.

So, which WordPress table plugins do we recommend? Here are our top 10 plugins for you to choose from?

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TablePress is one of the most popular free WordPress table plugins. You can embed any table, which can be created via an import from Excel, CSV, HTML or JSON files and then displayed on any page via a shortcode. Tables can be as complicated or simple as you want. You can have formulas that can be evaluated if you need it.

In addition, there is an extensive JavaScript library that can add features like pagination, sorting, filtering and more. This can create a truly interactive experience for your website visitors. It is also great for scientific data on a website or other data information. However, it does take some work if you want to turn it into a pricing table for your business.

TablePress Highlights:

  • Free WordPress plugin that can help you create complicated tables.
  • Shortcodes allow you to add one table to multiple pages.
  • Import tables using numerous file formats.
  • Table data can be edited using an interface similar to a spreadsheet’s.
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Ultimate Tables

Ultimate Tables

While this plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, it still remains one of the best, free WordPress table plugins available. You can easily create and share tables on your website on any page, post or in a special widget. There are lots of features that make this a great choice for those who are on budget.

There are three different designs to help you display your information in style. On each page you can insert numerous tables, depending on what information you want to display. Each cell within a table can contain text or HTML code. Therefore, if you want to highlight certain information, you can bold it with particular coding.

The tables are completely responsive, so they will look good on any device or screen resolution. In addition, the plugin contains a search box. This is something that many other plugins don’t have, including many premium table plugins.

Ultimate Tables Highlights:

  • Choose from three designs to help you create a great looking table for your website.
  • Fully responsive so your table will display correctly on any device.
  • Can change column and row dimensions.
  • Insert your table anywhere on the page.

Final Word: The Top 10 WordPress Table Plugins

The top examples are some of the best available WordPress table plugins. They are all different and give you variable functionality. Some are going to be better for your needs, but others will not be. Determine what the best plugin is for your next web project and go ahead and download it.

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