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How To Fix “429 Too Many Requests” In WordPress

How To Fix “429 Too Many Requests” In WordPress

Last modified: April 19, 2020


A 429 error on a WordPress website is frustrating. There are numerous causes and without more information, it can be hard to know what action to take. However, you can easily fix this issue.

The most common problem is when too many requests to access your site are made by a user, bot or script. This a security protocol designed to protect your site from DDOS attacks. But it doesn’t always help and can cause problems: such as this error. That is why you need to know how to fix it should you experience the 429 error.

Here are two steps you can take now.

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Step One: Deactive Plugins

A common culprit of a 429 error is a bad plugin installed on your website. So, you need to disable all plugins. To do this you need to go to the plugins file in your WordPress files, using an FTP client and then change the name of the plugins file to ‘plugins_disable‘. Then immediately rename the file to ‘plugins‘ again.

This will disable all the plugins. Check your website now. It should display, but it will not have many of the features.

If you notice your website is back on and displaying, it is a plugin causing a problem. You can switch them on, one at a time, to find out which one is causing the problem. You can do this in the dashboard.

When you’ve identified the bad plugin, you can delete and find a new solution. Or contact the plugin developer to speak to them about the problem.

You can also repeat this process for your themes.

Step Two: Ask Your Hosting Provider

Sometimes it is a third party service (like Google) causing the problem. This is because while they are crawling your site to index it, they’re doing it at a too high a frequency. If this is the case, you need to speak to your hosting provider and see if they can unblock the requests from legitimate third-parties.

You can check if this is the problem within your Google Search console by checking to see if they’ve reported the error. You can pass this information onto your host.

Final Word: Easy Fix For A Common Problem

The ‘429 Too Many Requests’ is an easy to fix problem for your WordPress website. Follow the guidelines above and you’ll have it fixed in no time. Then you can continue to use your website and generate revenue from it.

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