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How To Change The Font Color In WordPress

How To Change The Font Color In WordPress

Last modified: February 6, 2020


The truth about WordPress, and any website system, is that any theme needs to be customized in order to achieve the perfect look to match your brand. You’ll never achieve that with one you’ve bought.

There are some common customizations that you should know. One of them is changing the color of the font. This can be very important for your branding and certain colors represent different emotions and imply certain brand morals.

Therefore, it is vital that you get the right color. This can be done through different ways. For some, you can change the text color with the help of your theme.

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Checking To See If Your Theme Has Text Color Options

To see if your theme has an option to change the color of the text, follow these steps.

Step One: Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard

Log into your WordPress dashboard.

Step Two: Go To Theme Customization

Go to the ‘appearance’ and then ‘customization’ options within the WordPress dashboard.

Step Three: Search

See if you can find a text color customization option. All themes have their options slightly differently, so it might take some time to find out if this is an option.

If you find an option, great. You can select the color you want and then do nothing else. Otherwise, you have to change the color using CSS. The way to do this are in the steps that follow.

Step Four: Go To Your Home Page

The first thing you want to do is to go to your WordPress website’s home page and select some text from the body of the page. Then you want to inspect the code for this text. On Chrome this is known as ‘Inspect’ or ‘Inspect Element’ in Firefox.

This will display the code that renders the text on your page and the style which applies to it.

Step Five: Find The Style Rules

The next step is to find the corresponding style rules. For this you will need to find the

.entry-content p

This will be followed by a number of style rules. You need to copy this code with all the code that is contained within the {} brackets. In there, should be a color rule. You can change the color after this to the one you want.

Ensure this is kept in a word document.


If you can’t find it or you just want to change a paragraph of text on a single page, you can use this code replacing the colour for the one you want.

<p style="color:#FF0000";>Your text can go here</p>

For this code to work, go to the page/blog post that you to change the text color on, find the paragraph and paste this code in its palce on the text tab.

Step Six: Saving The Changes

Now go to ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Edit CSS’ in your WordPress dashboard.

This will open up the custom CSS for your theme. Paste your code from the word document in here and remove any other lines that refer to style except the colour.

Save the changes.

Now you should be able to get that perfect font color that you’ve wanted for your WordPress website.

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