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10 Best Coming Soon WordPress Themes Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


More often than not, when after purchasing a new domain name, and starting to build a new blog, you don’t want anyone to be able to see your site until it’s ready. A coming soon WordPress theme is intended exactly for that purpose. Hide your site until it’s ready.

This is why so many business owners use a coming soon WordPress theme. These have a holding page that visitors can view that states the site will be finished soon and to come back later. In the background, you can create the website and then allow visitors to see the final design when you’re finished.

Do You Need A Coming Soon WordPress Theme Or Plugin?

The biggest challenge for business owners is that there aren’t a significant number of themes to choose from. So, instead of a coming soon WordPress theme, you might need a plugin to do the job for you. There is an advantage of this; once the finished website has been published, you can delete the theme and the unnecessary coding.

However, there are also complications. You have to make sure that your plugin is compatible with your theme. If there are different developers, this might not be the case.

So, in this list we’ll be giving you options if you are looking for a coming soon WordPress theme as well as some plugin alternatives.

Filter between free and paid


The Launcher

The Launcher

This free responsive theme is a great option for those businesses who want a quality coming soon WordPress theme but are on a tight budget. This theme includes a countdown coming soon page that looks elegant and sophisticated but isn’t too complicated. Yet this theme can also be used for your website once you’re ready to go live with the main design.

There are lots of features that make it a great choice. It’s fast and optimized for search engines. Therefore you can be found on Google, and users will have a great experience on your website. If you’re building an eCommerce site, then this theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

You can build trust with your audiences thanks to the aesthetically pleasing carousel sliders, blog section and testimonial pages. And if you want to showcase products in such a way that people will be very pleased with it, then this theme has the solution.

You can even help visitors take the next step thanks to great call-to-action buttons.

The Launcher Highlights:

  • A free, responsive coming soon WordPress theme that can help you get noticed.
  • SEO optimized so your site can be found on Google and other search engines.
  • A coming soon page with countdown timer.
  • Compatible with many plugins.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode

Used on over 900,000 websites worldwide, this free plugin is the perfect solution if you already have a WordPress theme in mind and would prefer a plugin. This doesn’t just work as a coming soon page either, it can be used as a maintenance mode should you want to make changes to your website later on but don’t want guests from seeing the changes as they happen, a good practice in web design.

This plugin’s popularity is partly due to its compatibility with most WordPress themes and that it maintains a site’s responsiveness. It can also be translated into many languages and can support sites that are using BuddyPress.

There are customization options in addition to make the coming soon/maintenance page your own.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode Highlights:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Free plugin.
  • Can be used as a coming soon or maintenance page.
  • Compatible with most themes.

Final Thoughts: What Is The Best Coming Soon WordPress Theme?

This list has compared seven themes and three plugins that will provide you with a coming soon page. They all offer great benefits, and as we’ve shown, you can choose a coming soon WordPress theme and not have a plugin, or you can choose your favorite WordPress theme and add a coming soon plugin. The choice is yours, but the options above are certainly ones you should carefully consider in your final decision.

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