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WordPress timeline plugins

14 WordPress Timeline Plugins Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


Seeing things in an organized fashion makes things very clear and easily readable. We are used to things like flow charts from school and since the invention of Facebook almost everyone is familiar with what a timeline is and how it works. Timelines can be incredibly versatile and useful, more so than you might think and maybe by reading through this post you will want to create a timeline even though it was something you never thought you would want or need on your WordPress website. Now you are probably thinking things like “how different can time lines be” or ” how creative and unique can you make them that it really matters which plugin I decide to get to use on my site. Timelines are actually very helpful to showcase pretty much anything in some sort of chronological fashion. It can be for events or photos or post or articles you’ve written, pictures you have taken. You can let your imagination run free with what you choose to put in your timeline by using on of the WordPress timeline plugins.

WordPress Timeline Plugins to Organize Your Site’s Content

Now you are probably thinking that all a timeline does is show items that you decide on in some organized fashion on your WordPress website. Well, this is the main point of using one of the following WordPress timeline plugins but there is actually much more to these plugins than just ordering things. Each of these plugins have various features that can help you build a timeline just the way you want and you can even customize some elements. Depending on your wants and needs will decide which plugin you should choose to create a timeline on your site. So let’s check out these great timeline plugins and all of their useful features.

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Cool Timeline-Free Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline-Free Timeline Plugin

We kick off our WordPress timeline plugins list with the Cool Timeline plugin. This is a free plugin that has a resposnive design so it can be viewed on any device and any screen size, even tiny mobile ones. This plugin works by you creating posts and set images and dates and then this plugin will automatically put the posts in chronological order.

This theme comes with a few new features, such as: road map style so you can show a road map of your success stories, compact timeline, a clean layout, advanced design as well as optimized code. This theme is also translation ready and is translated into 4 languages (German, Indonesian, French and Italian).

Other Features of the Cool Timeline Plugin Are:

  • Specify story background custom colors
  • Fonts and icons
  • TINYMCE button
  • You can show stories in DESC or ASC order
  • Choose icons to go along with stories

Timeline Express-Create a Vertical Timeline

Timeline Express-Create a Vertical Timeline

And we have reached number five of our WordPress timeline plugins with the Timeline Express plugin. This plugin is very cool because it will allow you to create an animated vertical timeline on your WordPress site. You can fill your site with things like announcements or set the dates and the Timeline Express WordPress plugin will be able to load everything in chronological order for you.

This plugin comes with a shortcode that allows you to insert it anywhere on your website. What is nice about Timeline Express is that it is also a responsive plugin which means it will have no problem formatting on any device or screen size. It is browser tested as well meaning it should work with any browser your users may be using.

Other Features of Timeline Express Include:

  • Localized date formatting for you international users
  • CSS3 animations
  • Tons of Font Awesome icons
  • Both free and paid powerful extensions

WP Jquery Timelinr-With JQuery Timelinr Library

WP Jquery Timelinr-With JQuery Timelinr Library

We move on to the next of our WordPress timeline plugins with WP Jquery Timelinr. This is another free plugin choice to add to your site. This plugin is a little more simple than most of the others we have seen so far and will probably be one of the more basic choices in this post but if you are looking for something easy and simple then this WP Jquery Timelinr plugin is a good option for you to use.

This is one of the first WordPress timeline plugins to have the JQuery timelinr library. This plugin is cool because it is button friendly which means that you can easily put Timelinr shortcode on pages and posts. You can also have  more than one timeline should you want to have several throughout your site.

Other Features of the WP Jquery Timelinr Plugin Include:

  • Ability to add Timelinr categories
  • Default settings page
  • Shortcode with multiple parameters
  • Date range

WP Facebook Timeline-Facebook Profile Style Timeline

WP Facebook Timeline-Facebook Profile Style Timeline

As opposed to what you might think, this next plugin does not order your Facebook posts on your WordPress site, but it does put your WordPress posts and other media sources into a linear timeline in the same style as a Facebook profile timeline. The timeline events you choose to include can be filtered by taxonomy terms and post types.

What is interesting about the WP Facebook Timeline is that it can, in addition to your WordPress content, also let you add content to the Timeline from Twitter and filter the content by hashtags. You will also be able to set timeline events to be featured so this way more prominent and important events and posts can be indicated as milestones on you timeline.

WP Similie Timeline-WordPress Timeline Plugin

WP Similie Timeline-WordPress Timeline Plugin

The WP SIMILE Timeline plugin actually integrates the SIMILE Timeline into WordPress which will allow you to have an option interface for different timeline settings. This plugin is a “web widget for visualizing temporal data”. This plugin is cool for those of you who want to make a timeline of your life because it allows you to build a lifestream timeline with RSS feeds that will come from you WordPress link archive.

What is nice about the WP SIMILE Timeline plugin is that it comes with several language files including English, German, Italian and Spanish. You will also be able to have individual categories displayed in your timeline.

Other Features of the WP SIMILE Timeline Plugin Include:

  • Customize colors for timeline bands and categories
  • Supports multiple instances on different pages by using a template tag
  • Show individual icons or images with custom fields
  • Display image attachments from posts in the timeline

Viavi- WordPress Timeline Plugin

Viavi- WordPress Timeline Plugin

We continue on with the Viavi WordPress timeline plugin. This is a really great plugin choice to use if a WordPress user wants to show things like their work progress or various events in different ways on a timeline. The design of this plugin is very modern looking and simple. It is a resposnive plugin as well so your timeline will always look great from large desktop screens to teeny tiny mobile ones.

The Viavi plugin comes with various different styles and features which will allow the users of this plugin to create different timeline options and styles. This plugin has a vertical layout for the timeline you create and it is super easy to customize as well. The Viavi plugin also comes with five style themes to choose from.

Final Thoughts

So if you need a way to order some of your site’s content we hope you have found a great plugin option from these WordPress timeline plugins. Organizing content on your site can be very helpful for you and your site’s users. So choose one of these timeline plugins to help you get started on creating a timeline for your WordPress site.

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