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The 10 Best WordPress Themes For Artists Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


Being an artist isn’t easy. You have to produce your work and sell it. Art can sometimes be a one-off or limited addition. This makes them valuable, but if no-one is seeing your work, then you’re unlikely to get the interest or money to keep you in business.

Getting your work online can help you reach new audiences and sell your artwork across the world. In addition, you can look at gaining new revenue streams. Using your own WordPress website is a great way to increase sales for your artwork. While there are other sites to sell your work on, these can often come with high commission rates, limited marketing of your own work at the expense of other artists and limited control of sales.

If you have your own site however, you can actually sell the art yourself, be in complete control, and build a fan base that wants to regularly buy your art. WordPress is by far one of the best platforms for this. You can unleash your creativity with the design and sell your work, keeping all of the revenue yourself. In addition, you can add new revenue streams.

When building a WordPress website, you’ll want to use one of the WordPress themes for artists as this helps you to identify the purpose of your site to visitors.

What Should You Be Looking For In The WordPress Themes For Artists

There are many different aspects you need to look for when considering WordPress themes for artists. Firstly, you need to look at a way for your artwork to be displayed so it looks good. So, when looking for a theme, ensure it has a portfolio feature.

You should also look for something that offers you compatibility with other plugins. Even if you don’t want WooCommerce on your store, you’ll probably want some SEO plugins or contact forms. You might also want to install some social media plugins to help you market your great work.

You’ll also want something that is customization. Your brand is the work you produce and how you display that work on your website reflects your values and artistic talents. There are many page builder plugins that can help you customize your website but some of the best themes have page builders included.

Finally, you want a website that will help you optimize your site for speed. Your site is likely to have lots of high-resolution images on it. These can slow down your website. So, you need to find a theme that is light on code to reduce load time. You should also look at ways to optimize images for your site so it takes less time to load. For every second it takes your site to load, you can lose 7% of your revenue.

So, what are the best WordPress themes for artists? Here is our selection of the best.

Filter between free and paid




This is a free theme available that will offer you a minimalist WordPress theme. It is specifically designed for artists and is the perfect solution for those who want to display their portfolio. The basic theme allows you to easily display three of the most important pages on the home page. This can include services, contact information and portfolio.

The basic theme comes with two colour styles: light and dark. You can also choose between two types of headers: one that spans the entire width of the website or split it into two. If you want to write a blog, these posts will be displayed in three columns.

Photozoom Highlights:

  • Minimalist website that can help you build a portfolio quickly.
  • Free theme for those with a limited budgets.
  • Two theme and header styles to choose from.
  • Easy to install and setup.



This free WordPress theme is elegant and simple to use. It will add a dream-like style to your website that is the perfect look for artists and creative industries. The theme has some wonderful typography and the detail by the theme designers for the image placement makes a website using this theme look aesthetically pleasing.

Galleries can be created inside blog posts and any page on your site, so you can display numerous pieces of artwork easily. You can also add your own custom background image or logo with the easy to use admin panel. Finally, Nikko is fully responsive.

Nikko Highlights:

  • A fully responsive artist theme that will display well on any device.
  • Elegant typography to add character to your site.
  • Free theme available from
  • Compatible with many major WordPress plugins.

Final Thoughts On The 10 Best WordPress Themes For Artists

There are many different WordPress themes for artists. Out of all those options, there are a few that are really great and can help you make the most of your website. The above ten are all great WordPress themes for your website project, and you can be sure that any of them will have visitors happy with the online experience with your brand. The only problem is choosing which WordPress theme you want to operate.

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