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WordPress Login URL | WordPress Admin URL

Last modified: January 13, 2020

One of the top questions we get asked about a lot is how to find the WordPress login URL or how to find the WordPress Admin URL. For savvy WordPress users this might seem like a very simple question (and answer), which is usually true, though there is a cool hack here that even savvy developers might not know about.

The Default WordPress Login URL

In order to go to a login page on any given WordPress website, you would usually go to the wp-login.php URL. So for example: into your domain name) would take you to most login pages on any given WordPress site.

Wordpress login page

The Default WordPress Admin URL

In order to go to the admin page on most WordPress sites, all you have to do is add /wp-admin/to the end of the URL. So for example: take you to the admin panel. Note that in order to properly reach the admin page, you need to already be logged in. If you attempt to access the admin page when you aren’t logged in, you will be redirected to the login page.

Easy To Remember Tip:

With all of that said, there are ways to change the login and admin URLs such as this plugin. So what happens if you change your own WordPress login URL and then forget it? Well, it’s pretty simple.

Login: redirect you to your current login page, no matter if you changed it or not.

Admin: redirect you to your current admin page, no matter where it might be.

That’s pretty much it… Short and to the point.

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