10 Top WordPress Weather Widget Plugins Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


WordPress is by far one of the most versatile and functional content management systems. There are many brands that rely on the software who wish to display important information for their community which might include traffic news, local events and even the weather.

It is the latter of these that can be challenging. Traffic news and local events can be easily updated as and when needed. However, weather can change so frequently that it could be a full time job for the site owner to keep that information updated. That is why it is important to use one of the few WordPress Weather widget plugins available online to help you manage that important content.

How Can One Of The WordPress Weather Widget Plugins Help?

The main benefit of using any of the weather plugins available is that you can save time for limited cost. You don’t need to spend hours of your time online changing the weather details. Weather apps can make your site more relevant to users and if you are a local brand, it can be a good way to attract audiences to continuously revisit your website.

So, what are the best WordPress weather widget plugins available? Here is our list of the top free and premium ones on the market as of 2019.

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WP Forecast


A weather app is useless if it shows outdated or inaccurate weather information. Visitors to your website want to be able to look at your site and trust it. That is why getting information from popular weather websites like Accuweather and WeatherBug can be a huge benefit.

WP Forecast is a free WordPress weather widget plugin that can collect information from these sources and display it on your site for free. The plugin has many great features that make it the perfect solution for your website, including localization customization and availability. The plugin is also available in more than 12 languages. The plugin is also easy to use.

For the user, the experience is great. The time is displayed properly from the last time that the page was refreshed. They can also get the forecasted weather for the next seven days and up-to nine nights.

Despite being free, there is some support available through the plugins forum.


  • Users can pick their location to customize their experience and weather location.
  • A free WordPress plugin that offers up-to-date information on the local weather.
  • Easy to use, so even those with limited technical knowledge can use this plugin.
  • Is compatible with many popular plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress and others.

Weather Underground - Weather WordPress Widget

Weather Underground

This is a free WordPress weather plugin that is made from the Weather Underground team. Therefore, it uses the official API to collect and display the necessary information. You get a widget that can be placed anywhere on a sidebar or footer area. Once live, the software fetches the necessary weather information using the location of the website visitor.


  • Free app that can add weather features to your website cost effectively.
  • Responsive so it will display on any device perfectly.
  • Created by the same team who owns the website where information is collected from.
  • Limited functionality compared to other plugins.
  • This plugin hasn’t been updated for a while.

Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget

The Awesome Weather Widget is another free WordPress option but this one comes with many configuration options to create a look that is suitable for your website. There is a premium option available which offers more features, but the free version is an excellent option.

The information can be placed anywhere on your website thanks to the shortcode provided by the app. The weather information is collected from the Yahoo weather API for the premium version of the plugin. This helps the premium version to stay very accurate to the current weather no matter where the website user is.

Another feature of the Awesome Weather Widget is that it is available in many different languages.


  • Can fetch the weather for a city with simple identification methods.
  • There are a few customization options to give your website a fresh and unique look.
  • A free plan to help you have the weather information on your site.
  • Responsive, so displays well on all devices and screen sizes.

Location Weather

Location Weather

This is an amazing WordPress weather widget plugin that has some of cleanest coding for your website. The plugin can make your website look even more attractive than it already is and you can be sure that it will display well on any device and screen size.

It is minimalist and lightweight, so the speed of your website won’t be affected. Premium features allow for users to have auto-location for weather reports and allow you to hide current wind speed if you want to.


  • A beautiful WordPress weather plugin for your website.

  • Will fit seamlessly into your current design.

  • Can customize so users can auto-detect their location for weather reports.

  • Lightweight so won’t impact website speed.

Weather Atlas Widget

Weather Atlas Widget

This is one of the more unique Weather apps for WordPress on the list. This is due to the real-time fetching of weather forecasts that can be displayed within its intuitive design. There are a lot of customization options for your site so you can match the look of the weather functions on your website with your branding.

Users will be able to see the current weather conditions or look for long-term forecasts through the on-page interface.

Installing the interface onto your website couldn’t be easier. You just need to grab the shortcode from the plugin once installed and then paste that into the widget where you would like the weather to be displayed on your website.

One of the best features of this WordPress Weather plugin that differentiates it from others is that there is no limit to the country. Users from across the world can use the website with this app on. And it supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

Another really cool feature about this WordPress app is that this background color can change. You can set it to change depending on the local temperature. The text color can also automatically change to best contrast with the background. Alternatively, you can choose your own background color.


  • A free app with plenty of functionality.

  • Color options for the temperature make this a really interesting app to interact with.

  • Supports lots of languages.

  • Can give long-term and current weather forecasts for not just the USA.

Final Thoughts For The Top WordPress Weather Widget Plugins

A weather function on your website is something that can really make you standout from the crowd. A good weather app can help you stand out from the crowd, give your website visitors information they need and want and also help them to make informed decisions. There are numerous options available for your to use on your website and therefore there is certainly going to be a good weather app for you to use.

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