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Seminar wordpress themes

13 Best Seminar WordPress Theme Compared - 2022

Last modified: July 19, 2021


When you think about creating websites it can sound super intimidating and daunting but you can also get flooded with lots of different ideas and it can get overwhelming. The combination of different businesses or types of websites, like portfolios or blogs or magazines, give you an infinite amount of options for what kind of website you have the ability to start. And people use WordPress to create all kinds of sites, the options are endless, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes that are easily available to you. When people think about businesses that may use WordPress you might think of different companies in a variety of industries, but I bet you never thought about having a website for seminars. There are specific themes that are available just for this topic. WordPress themes are really amazing and often do not require the user to have any real coding knowledge. So if you are looking to creating a site for a seminar, or other similar events, check out our list of seminar WordPress themes.

Seminar WordPress Themes to Create Sites for Your Events

So now that you realize there are WordPress themes for almost any topic or any kind of websites, let’s talk about this article’s topic, seminars. You will find that many of these seminar WordPress themes will have some overlapping characteristics and features but they will each offer something different that another may not have. So it is important to already start thinking about what you want to use the site for and what you want to accomplish by having a seminar site. Once you have settled on that it will be clear which theme is the right choice for you. So let’s now checkout these seminar WordPress themes back to back to figure out which one is the right choice for you.

# Name Image
Eventra - Seminar, Meetups & Conferences WordPress Theme
More Info
MiEvent-Event/Concert/Conference Theme
MiEvent - Responsive Event & Music WordPress Theme
Not Available
TheEvent- Responsive Event Manager Theme
TheEvent – Event Management and Conference WordPress Theme
More Info
Eventiz-Conference and Event WP Theme
Eventiz - Conference Event Responsive WordPress Theme
More Info
OnEvent-Special Events Theme
OnEvent - Special Event WordPress Theme
Not Available
iVent-Multipurpose Event Theme
iVent - Multipurpose Event WordPress Theme
More Info
Grand Conference-Event/Conference Theme
Grand Conference | Event Conference WordPress for Event and Conference
More Info
Meeton-Meeting/Event/Conference WP Theme
Meeton-Meeting/Event/Conference WP Theme
More Info
Monstroid 2-Multipurpose Theme
Monstroid 2-Multipurpose Theme
More Info
Signature-WP Theme for Conferences
Signature - Responsive Onepage | Multipage Conference Event WordPress Theme
More Info
Divi-Multipurpose WordPress Theme
The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder
More Info
Event Champ-Conferences and Events WP Theme
Event Champ – Multiple Events & Conference WordPress Theme
More Info
fSeminar-Free Responsive Seminar Theme
fSeminar-Free Responsive Seminar Theme
More Info
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fSeminar-Free Responsive Seminar Theme

fSeminar-Free Responsive Seminar Theme

And last but not least we have the fSeminar theme which is the first free theme of our seminar WordPress themes list. This is a fully reposnive WordPress theme so no matter what kind of device your user is using or how big the screen might be, your site will be able to format to fit it correctly.

This theme can either be used as a regular website or as a blog site for things like: workshops, events, conferences, seminars and other similar types of gatherings. There is multi browser support so your site should work on most popular web browsers such as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. The fSeminar theme is also translation ready so you can translate your site into almost any language you can think of.

Other Features of the fSeminar WP Theme Are:

  • Theme options
  • Threaded comments
  • Widget areas
  • Several custom elements

Final Thoughts

So now that you have checked out these seminar WordPress themes have you found one that may work for you? If you do not already know what you want to use your site for you can read through the features of these themes again, it may help you narrow it down. Then you can get your own seminar site up and running all on your own.

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